A Wooden House for a Summer House

In winter as well as in summer, vacationers take advantage, generally, from a change of scenery. From the seaside as well as in the mountains, it is possible to profit from the comfort provided by a wooden summer house

This type of construction brings together, actually, the natural and the authentic with a modern touch. For your vacation, take advantage of everything a wooden house can provide to you.

Wooden Summer House: The Economic Solution

When taking the financial aspect of the whole thing into consideration and your saving, a wooden summer house is the best solution for you. They are usually assembled as kit, they can be constructed very rapidly and there is no drying delay. The finishing touches can be commenced towards the end of the assembly process.

Furthermore, in the long term and if we take the thermal performance of the wood into consideration, you will rapidly realize that you are saving money. You will witness a great difference as far as your energy consumption is concerned. Actually, the reduction of energy costs can reach up to 80% in comparison with a house made out of concrete. 

Wooden Summer House: a House With Ease of Maintenance

A summer house is usually inhabited for a short period of time each year. During your short stay, your accommodation must be at its best. Contrary to a house made out of concrete that requires moss removal works, painting, and whatnot, a wooden summer house generally requires less binding maintenance works such as the application of laser or painting, permitting the resistance towards parasites, bugs and other vagaries of the weather. These works can be made even when the summer house is not habitable.

Wooden Summer House, an Insulated House

The quality of insulation provided by wood is far better than the one of stone or cement. This way, no one will suffer from the heat inside your wooden summer house. Actually, a wooden house regulates the humidity of the air by itself. This way, the comfort of the vacationers is guaranteed. Also, wood is a hygroscopic material meaning that the interior of the habitable chalet will be fresh during the summer and air-conditioning is not necessary.

Wooden Summer House, an Aesthetic House

Wooden houses are contemporary, comfortable, trendy and friendly houses. They are perfect for your summer house. You can choose from a variety of models and styles that are appropriate to your spirit and your aesthetics. There are rustic or even chic wooden summer houses. Their beauty is indisputable and they offer undeniable advantages if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your routine in the big city.

All the above-mentioned advantages and benefits of a wooden house make them the best alternative for a summer house. One thing is for certain: by choosing a wooden house, your vacation will be comfortable, enjoyable, fun for you and for your guests. It is certainly an investment that keeps on giving.

Extra living space for very Competitive Prices

95% of all homeowners would agree that they could use a little more space. Just one extra room would change a lot. If it would be dedicated to a hobby, if it would be really necessary, like a room for a relative or child, a workshop, a garden shed, or if it would just make some things easier like a storage room that could have some cabinets, shelves, and cupboards in it to store all the things that just seem to be in the way in the house, and seemingly never have found the right place for themselves. It might have a sofa or a bed for the occasional late friend to stay the night and so forth.

Now, looking at the square feet to cost ratio, it has clearly been shown that any kind of extension of the house, if possible at all, would always be more expensive than just erecting the missing room in the garden by purchasing a wooden summer house.

6.Benefits for The Garden

Do you like gardening? Or do you just keep it in order so the neighbors don’t complain? Whatever your garden means to you: a wooden summer house changes its character for the better. 

It makes it more inhabitable, it changes the character of a garden from just “something outside” to an extension of the house, something to live in, something to be at home in.

Of course, apart from the mere change of character of your garden, wooden garden houses have concrete benefits, too, resulting from their usefulness.

Wooden Summer Houses keep the Garden Tidy

Do you have things in your garden that should rather be stored in a safe and dry place like a summer garden house? Or do you store these things in the garage or in the cellar, where you could rather use this space for other things?

Gardening tools in the garden may not only pose a risk for playing children but can also be used as tools for casual burglars to break into buildings. Storing these tools in a secure location, like a summer house that could mainly be used for all kinds of different purposes, would reduce risks, and prolong the lifespan of the stored things at the same time.

Moreover, a tidy Garden is a Nicer View.

Wooden Summer Houses Increase the Value of Your Property

With the erection of a wooden summer house, your property will get an immediate boost in the real estate market. Additional structures on a property indicate full development with extra functions. 

Another advantage is just simply the decoration that a wooden summerhouse constitutes in your Whatever the reasons are: Experience shows that wooden summer houses make properties much more attractive on the market.

Wooden Summer Houses are Economical, Quickly Available, and Long-Lasting

Compared to buildings made from stones, concrete, and bricks, prefabricated wooden summer houses are more affordable, much quicker erected, and ready to use in just a few weeks after the purchase.

You could even make a wooden summer house an additional source of income if you rent it out to travelers or holiday guests via the internet which has become increasingly easier in the past few years with platforms catering to all your needs from bookings to billings.

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