A Review of SMS Peeper – An SMS Spy Online System

The days of face to face communication are long gone. Nowadays, it has become the norm for people to communicate using phones, with the SMS being the route of choice. However, this may invoke deep curiosity and anxiety, as you cannot identify what the other person is saying or who they are talking to unless you use a system like SMS Peeper.

Knowing what someone is texting may also prove to be a means of ensuring their safety and wellbeing, together with yours. Knowing what your children are always texting on their phone will ensure that they are talking to the appropriate people, or whether your partner is faithful.

The days spent being anxious or nights spent overthinking and may be long gone. With SMS Peeper, it is easy to know exactly what someone else is saying. Whether they are lying or talking ill about you, whether they are sharing sensitive information about an organization or whether they are practicing infidelity.

What is SMS Peeper?

SMS peeper is an online system with many features that allows you to access the text messages on another phone or device. The SMS Peeper allows you to see 100 texts, 50 outgoing messages, and 50 incoming messages. As it is not an application but an online system, you do not need to install anything on the phone you are spying on. The other person will not have the slightest clue that you are doing this.

How Does it Work?

All that is required of you to access the tools on SMS Peeper are your email address and the phone number of the target device. You first visit the SMS Peeper website and enter your country, email address, and the target phone number.

You will temporarily be able to access the intercepted messages. All you need to do is click on show messages. In order for you to be granted permanent access to the messages, you will require a unique code.

The only way to get this code is to fill out some surveys together with your valid information. The code downloading of the code will only begin once you have completed the survey and your details. Afterward, you can fill in the code onto the site and get full access to the messages; including the name of the sender and the recipient, the time and date when it was sent or received.

You cannot download the code by using any other means. The system works fine, and all you need is to fill in the survey and you will be able to use it in its entirety for free.

The Pros and Cons of Using SMS Peeper 

The advantages of using this site are numerous. No accounts are needed whatsoever. The steps that you are required to follow are easy and clear cutouts. As the SMS peeper is an online site, you don’t have to install anything on the targeted device. The site is also totally free to use, and all you have to do is answer a few surveys.

Best for Low-Storage Mobile Phones 

You do not need to buy an expensive mobile phone to get this feature of spying on SMS and calls. People who can’t afford a smart mobile phone need not worry, even if you have found a simple android or iOS, you can still spy on the SMS of the target mobile number.

Easy to Use Software  

Mom and Dad may be thinking that spying on their children’s SMS would be a difficult task, but look at me SMS, it’s as easy as ABC. All you need to do is download the codes and enter the details, and with the authentic information, you want to go. Furthermore, you will not be charged for this service, it is a free and reliable online service.

Safe to Use 

This software is completely secure, no information can be leaked or hacked because there is no application that can be downloaded and accounts that can be hacked. The service provider simply requests information and directs codes for routing information.

Cons of SMS peeper

There are some limitations to the functionality of this site. Some users have said that even after clicking on the download code button, they did not get the code. All they were asked to do was the survey and download more programs, and even once they did, they didn’t get the code.

Exposing Personal Information 

For getting complete access to a mobile number’s data, the SMS peeper website will ask for email addresses and names. It means that your personal information would be revealed, thus you may get into troubles such as allegations, because once your name and email address appears at the site, then anyone can use it as evidence against you. 

Annoying Spam Emails 

Once you start using SMS peeper, then you are very likely to receive several spam emails. That would not be much disturbing but sending emails without permission is quite unethical.  

No Data Pages and Codes 

Many users have reported malfunctioning of the landing pages, they claimed it as an ill-managed site where they are asked to take surveys before getting the code for tracking the text messages. The worst thing is the irrelevant pages, such as ads and offers to buy some applications and other peripheral stuff.    


Using SMS Peeper is a reliable way to get to know what the other person is texting about. Try it today, and the technology and efficiency will leave you in awe. SMS peeper is best for those who want to keep an eye on their phone numbers, especially for their spouses and kid’s safety and protection. The best part about this online service is safe information handling, but along with this, there are a few petty issues that can be quite annoying if not handled properly. 


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