A Guide to Start a Christmas Lights Installation Business

Starting a Christmas lights installation business is easier said than done. There several things you need to consider before you get started.

For instance, you need to know how to handle seasonal employees, how to deliver the product on time, where you can get quality Christmas lights and decorations, and many other things. Nevertheless, it’s the best business for someone who wants to earn extra income during the Christmas season.

Christmas Lights Tulsa has been in the Christmas lights installation business for several years now and that’s why they have shared this comprehensive guide to help anyone willing to start this business. Since they have seen the challenges people face when starting their own Christmas light installation business, you rest assured their guide will help you get started fast and easily.

Let’s get started.

What Christmas Lights Installation Business Entails

The holiday season brings about a lot of things. People will want to travel; others will go for their special treat while others will want to have decorations around their homes and businesses. However, making decorations is not a thing for everyone and some won’t have the time to. That’s where Christmas lights installation businesses come in. These are individuals and companies who offer decorating services for people and businesses. They will put up the lights and take them down once the holiday season is over.

Who Can Do This Business?

With proper training, anyone can do this business. However, since the holiday decoration is short, it’s not viable to run this business throughout the year. It’s a seasonal business that is mostly done by painters, landscapers, or other people who have a slow period around holidays.

Things You Need to Know About Starting a Christmas Lights Installation Business

Like any other business, there are things you need to know before you can start a Christmas light installation business. You need to put the word out there for people to know that you are in the business.

Here are two important things you need to know before you can start the business.

  • Training– The holiday season is a short period. You do not want to mess up with this short period. As such, you need to make sure that you make money before the time elapses.

Unlike in other businesses where you can fail and stand on your feet and move on, with Christmas light installation business, once you fail, it’s over until the next holiday season.

For that reason, you need to get proper training beforehand.

  • Marketing– You need to know how to promote your business. Here, you will need an effective marketing plan else, you will get knocked down in this business.

Who Should You Target?

Although residential customers like decorating their homes during the holiday season, businesses tend to be the best target customer for Christmas lights installation business.

Businesses want to shine bright and therefore, they are willing to spend on displays more than residential customers would spend. However, these businesses do not have permanent employees to install and remove Christmas lights. As such they will need the services of a Christmas light installation business.

How Can You Make Money With a Christmas Light Installation Business?

In this business, you make money by charging customers once you have installed, serviced and removed decorative lights. Many businesses these days have websites where customers can get a quote depending on the size and complexity of the work.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Christmas Lights Installation Business?

The costs you will incur when starting this business include:

  • Moving the lights and crews to customers’ place
  • Ladders
  • Buying the lights
  • Registering the business

Since most people who start Christmas lights installation businesses have their own vehicles, ladders, and insurance, unless you are starting from scratch, it’s not costly to start this business.

Just to advise you; if you are starting this business, you may think that buying cheap lights saves money but that’s not a good move since these lights can easily break, unlike commercial-grade lights.

Remember when cheap lights break, you will need to incur additional cost to replace them which makes the cheap lights more expensive than what starters think.

How to Kickstart a Christmas Lights Installation Business

Like any other business, a Christmas light installation business must start from somewhere. Before you jump into the bandwagon, you need to know how many people are willing to hire your services.

It’s worth noting that, as your business starts to grow, you may be tempted to take on more customers than you can serve. As such, you may end up not satisfying customer needs and this can ruin your reputation and affect your business growth. You need not chew more than you can bite if you want to stay longer in this business.

How to Market a Christmas Lights Installation Business

Unless you have been in the Christmas lights installation business for some time, you will need to know how to promote and market your business.

How to Attract Repeat Customers

As with any business, when you start a Christmas lights installation business, you need to repeat customers for your business to grow. To attract repeat customers, you can start selling lights to them. Once you sell them decorative lights, they will want to hire you to install those lights during the holiday season.

Since they have already bought lights, they will fear to pay for another business that could perhaps ask them a large upfront charge for their services.

What Ongoing Expenses Should You Expect With a Christmas Lights Installation Business

There are ongoing expenses you should expect with a Christmas lights installation business like any other business and these may include:

Storage costs (this is after removing the lights from customers’ premises), salary for your crews, equipment costs, etc.

How Can a Christmas Lights Installation Business Generate Revenue

Although business booms during the holiday season, you can generate revenue by offering installation services during other special occasions such as during Halloween parties, weddings, and other special events.

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