9 Steps to Making a Tropical Garden At Home

How to Make a Tropical Garden At Home

It is not as hard as you would think to create a tropical garden at your own home. Here are 9 steps to making a tropical garden at home.

Having a tropical garden in your home can be like having access to paradise year-round.

With the proper planning, you can have a low maintenance tropical garden right in your backyard.

It is not as hard as you would think to create a tropical garden at your own home. Here are nine steps to making a tropical garden at home.

  1. Learn About Your Local Climate and Soil Type

This is the most important step to take because not all tropical plants will thrive in all climates. Some plants are capable of handling mild winters where others survive in hot climates.

Some plants may need more water than others, so if you’re in an area experiencing drought or that is drought-prone, consider avoiding thirsty plants so that water isn’t wasted.

For the most part, tropical plants tend to prefer hot and humid climates that stays almost the same year-round. If the climate isn’t ideal for the plants, tropical plants can still survive, but they will yield fewer flowers and grow smaller and slower.

Even if you live in places that get frost, you can opt for plants that look similar to tropical plants that can survive the cold.

  1. Start Planning the Layout of Your Tropical Garden

Observe your space, draw it out on a sheet of paper, or use computer software to layout the area. Don’t forget to mark down pools, trees, existing plants, and walkways where you won’t be planting anything. Figure out what you will do to incorporate structures that are already there into your garden.

Decide what your design will be. Will it be just for the aesthetic? A place for meditation and relaxation? A play area for your children and pets?

  1. Look Online for Inspiration

Need more ideas for your at-home tropical garden? Use the internet as your guide! Travel vicariously through the internet to find tropical gardens throughout the world to emulate.

You may come across beautiful plants you may use and ideas you can use for your own garden. Looking at pictures of tropical gardens is the perfect place to begin for some inspiration.

  1. Find Some Shade

If you will be relaxing outside admiring your garden, you will need to find some shade for yourself and other plants that can’t handle direct sunlight. The best shade to use would be a tree that is already there, but you can always buy a drought-proof tree to use. Trees work best for tropical garden designs, but you can always buy an outdoor canopy.

  1. Start Adding Density

To make your garden look authentically tropical, having density is a must. Instead of spreading out plants neatly, have them overlapping each other to mimic what a natural forest would look like. Try adding shrubs like cacti, yucca, agave, and cycads.

  1. Add Tropical Flowers and Big Leaves

Big leaves will make the tropical design come together. Adding flowers with bright, beautiful colors and interesting shapes will make you feel like you’re enjoying a natural tropical garden in your own home!

  1. Incorporate Water

The first thing people think of when they think of a tropical paradise is water. Find a way to incorporate water if you don’t already have a pool or a hot tub in your backyard.

A pond or a fountain would be the perfect thing to add with limited space.

  1. Add Decorations

To make your garden truly magical, add some outdoor lights or torches for a cozy feeling. Add zen rocks or a buddha statue to amp up the relaxation and peace.

  1. Maintain Your Sanctuary

Although a tropical garden isn’t high maintenance, it does require some work. Remove dead leaves and make sure your garden is free of harmful insects and clean.

Now You’re Ready to Create Your Unique Tropical Garden

Now that you have your design laid out, your plants picked out, and your tropical garden inspiration pictures, it’s time to get started!

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