8 Tips to make your university bedroom cozy

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Are you a college or university student looking to make your university bedroom warm and cozy? We are here to help. Our bedrooms at home are not mere rooms; they are a part of our souls. Moving into the lifeless bedrooms at your college can be really hard that can make you miss your cheery, colorful bedroom even more. Learn how to decorate the uni room with our help!

The bedrooms at your university are not designed with beauty or coziness in mind. Rather, they are built to be practical and provide students with a space to live in reasonably. Fret not; there are a few ways for decorating uni room that can make your university bedroom cheery and feel a little bit like home, even on your meager student budget.

Let’s look at some uni bedroom ideas!

How to Decorate Uni Room

1.    Add Furniture

Don’t worry; we are not going to ask you to replace all of the furniture that is present in your room for decorating the uni room. All you have to do is buy one or two items that will character and personality to your room if you add a bookshelf or get a comfy armchair for you to sit on.

A desk table would really help you with your studies as you write the ton of research papers, assignments, and writing tasks that your professors give to you. Never compromise on your grades by submitting sub-standard work just because you didn’t have enough time or don’t know the correct dissertation order. It is always better to get help from top writers in the UK.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cushions and rugs, but one-two fluffy cushions not only make the room lively, but they also make your chair or bed more comfortable. A good rug not only makes the room cozier, but it also covers up any disfigurations in the flooring.

For example, you can get the following things for decorating uni room:

  •       Armchairs
  •       Study Desks
  •       Couches
  •       One-piece sofas
  •       Rocking chairs
  •       Rugs
  •       Cushions

2.    Arrange the furniture

arrange furniture


Student accommodations are all designed in the same way, and this makes them feel dull, boring, and characterless. If the desk or the bed is nailed to the wall, then you can’t change their position but if they are not, add a little bit of your touch and rearrange the furniture.

If your room has ample space, then keep the desk and bedroom separate from each other so that you’d have separate studying and sleeping areas. You can easily get things for uni room from sales and at reduced prices.

3.    Lighting

No room looks good with a big 40-watt bulb looming overhead. The first thing that you have to do is invest some money in better lighting. The type of lighting that you choose depends on you. You can get lamps for your study table, fairy lights to hand around your bed.

You can buy the things for uni room such as lamps from many car-boot sales or charity shops to save money.

4.    Add greenery

A touch of greenery is sure to brighten and liven up your uni room decor. Not only will they provide a homely feel to your room, but they will also provide fresh oxygen supply in your room. However, the problem with student accommodations is that they are not the best place for plants.

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The air is not humid enough, the place is overheated, there isn’t a lot of sunlight, and various other problems exist. Moreover, it is highly probable that in the rush of your studies, you will probably forget to water the plants. Therefore, it is one of the good uni room ideas to get succulent house plants that are pretty hardy and don’t die on you.

5.    Make your room smell good

With the help of a few scented candles, you can change the way your entire room feels and smells. Student accommodation doesn’t tend to smell nice because people don’t often clean or take care of clearing out the trash. It one of the great university bedroom ideas to have a nice smelling room.

Even if your room doesn’t smell bad, it is a nice idea to make it smell nice and homey. However, there is always a risk factor involved with using candles; thus, you can get an essential oil diffuser. You can get good-smelling plants as well. Or as a last and quick resort, you can get an air freshener that will make your room smell better.

6.    Beddings and Towels

Most of the people don’t pay a lot of attention to beddings and towels when they are buying things for college and buy them in a rush.  However, it is a very nice option to buy soft, plush bedding in colors that you find appealing. With these uni bedroom ideas, the whole atmosphere of room changes with the help of a nicely colored bedsheet.

Moreover, fluffy towels will give your student washroom the feel of a fancy hotel room. If your room is small, the bedsheet and duvet will add a lot of color to your room and will make your university bedroom cozy.

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7.    Getting a kettle

The first thing that most of us do is get some coffee or tea when we wake up in the morning. It is one of great uni room ideas that you keep your kitchen appliances and utensils in the communal kitchen since it would force you to get out of the room and interact with other people.

However, it is nice to have a kettle in your room so that you can have coffee or tea whenever you want. Moreover, if someone comes to your room, you can offer them the same as well. It will give your uni room décor a homely feel as well.

8.    Add postcards and photos on the wall

There are a lot of university bedrooms ideas. One of the great ones is that if you can’t paint over the walls of your room because your university forbids it or because it is expensive, don’t worry. With the help of a few family pictures and postcards, you can take away the drollness of the wall.

You can frame the pictures if you want or can stick them to the wall with the help of tape. You can also get those fair lights clips that allow you to hang pictures along with the fairy lights. You can add posters of your favorite bands and artists as well to cheer up the atmosphere in your room.

University Bedroom Ideas

With the ideas that we have listed above, you can easily learn how to decorate uni room. With above-mentioned uni bedroom ideas and uni room ideas, it will be easy for you to turn your dull, dry uni room décor into something that reminds you of home.

Happy Decorating, people!


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