8 Features of an Excellent Real Estate Recruitment Software

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These days, real estate brokerage firms employ a full suite of tactics and strategies in order to win the loyalty of the best real estate agents—and rightly so. Not only do today’s agents consider the compensation and commissions being offered to them, they also look into things like the brokerage firm’s brand value, their cultural fit with the company, the resources and technologies that will be made available to them, the non-monetary perks that they’ll receive, and so on and so forth.

Any agent worth their salt is likely to consider all these things—and more—before they make a final decision regarding which brokerage to call their new home. As such, real estate recruiters will also likely find it challenging to do their job in as expedient and efficient a manner as possible.

In order to help their recruiters streamline and organize their recruitment processes, brokerage firms often turn to the option of employing a software platform that integrates a whole host of vital tools. With features that help with the recruitment, onboarding, and retaining of real estate agents, the right software solution will not only maximize a firm’s productivity, it will also help them save money in the long run.

If you’re in the market for such a technological tool but you’re not quite sure where to begin, this short guide can serve as a quick introduction to the subject. In this piece, we’ll discuss some of the features you should look for in a real estate recruitment software.

Email and SMS Integration and Automation

Real estate recruiters make use of basic communication tools like email and SMS all the time. As such, it makes perfect sense to get a software that not only integrates your recruiters’ pre-existing emails and mobile numbers into the system but also automates the sending of important messages. This way, you’ll be able to spare them of the more laborious aspects of lead generation, lead follow-ups, and overall agent relationship management.

Ideally, you’ll also want a software that can send emails, text messages, and appointments directly from the recruiters’ accounts. This is important if you don’t want your firms’ leads to know that they’ve been included in a CRM list or that they are receiving bulk email.

Recruiting Campaign Templates

Email templates are often employed by real estate recruiters, and indeed, they can be very effective if they are created and formatted the right way. However, considering how busy real estate agents are—and especially the best-performing ones—such templates need to be able to tick all the boxes and capture the interest of the target individuals right from the get go. It’s in the same vein as creating effective recruiting real estate agents scripts when you’re engaging in conversations instead.

A good real estate recruitment software will have pre-built agent recruiting email templates that have been optimized and proven effective at prompting conversions. This makes it so much easier for your recruiters to prepare emails that they can then send to their leads.

Lead Importation from Various Data Sources

A good real estate recruitment software should also make it easy for your recruiters to import leads from various data sources so that they can quickly move them through the pipeline. These data sources can include the likes of BrokerMetrics, which is a fantastic tool for pulling updated real estate agent contact details and production data straight from the local multiple listing service (MLS) you’re using.

Lead Segmentation Capability

A recruitment software should also allow your recruiters to compartmentalize their leads according to different attributes, including by brokerage, by city, by production value, and many others. This way, you’ll be able to target passive candidates for outreach.

Automated Social Media Profile Lookup

Finding a prospective agent’s social media profiles can be useful not only for background checks but also for the reason that it’s another way to reach out to them. As such, an automated social media profile lookup feature is another tool that you’d want from a real estate recruitment software. It allows your recruiters to automatically search for social media accounts using the email or mobile phone numbers that they manually added into the system or imported from a data source.

Collaboration Features

In many cases, the combined and concerted effort of a group of recruiters can make the recruitment efforts of a brokerage substantially more effective and more powerful. As such, your real estate recruitment software should also be optimized for multi-user handling. This way, your recruitment team will be able to work in synergy with absolute ease.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile computing has long supplanted desktop computing as the business world’s preferred way of accessing computer-based technologies on the go. In view of this, you should also make sure that the recruitment software you’ll be choosing has a mobile-responsive user interface. This will help your people get things done even when they’re outside the four walls of your office.

Concierge Onboarding and Coaching

After your recruiters have successfully brought new agents into the fold, it’s important to get them onboard as soon as possible so they can hit the ground running and quickly become productive. A real estate recruitment software that uses an onboarding and coaching module will be of big help to recruiters who desire an efficient mechanism through which they can orient and integrate new agents into the brokerage.

When shopping for a real estate recruitment software, make sure to scrutinize your prospective solution’s individual features, and consider how your recruiters can use each of these tools to their advantage. Remember, the success of your business ultimately relies on your recruiters’ ability to find the best people who can make things happen for your brokerage.

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