7 Tips to Organize Shoes in a Small Space

Shoes are one of the most essential part of the dressing. We buy shoes because we always want to look classy, stepping into an occasion. Our shoes also have a lot to say be it weddings, dinner parties, workplace, hangouts, etc.

Now whether you live in a one-room apartment or a mansion having these shoes scattered all over the home doesn’t look appealing to the eyes. We are here to give you the best tips in organizing your shoes (heels, sneakers, sandals or boots) in a small space.

Follow these 7 awesome and simple tips for your shoe storage nirvana

1. Keep your shoes of the ground.

The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when it comes to storage of their shoes is chunking the shoes on the floor of their closet. This is very wrong.

Chunking your shoes on the floor of your closet makes it harder to find the shoe you are looking for to wear to an occasion when everything is flopped over. Most times shoes get beaten up when you constantly push them aside looking for the favorite shoe.

But if you insist on going on with the floor plan, make sure that the shoes are organized in their categories i.e. boots to one side, hells one side, sandals one side, etc. but make sure you don’t throw them in a heap, line them up in a nice and beautiful way.

2. Arrange shoes into categories

Before one starts thinking of any type of shoe storage schemes or solution, you have to organize your shoes in two categories.

  • The shoes you wear every time
  • The shoes you often wear (special occasion).

Those shoes that you wear often should be stored up and far away in the shoe storage rack. After this you will still need to group those shoes that you wear all the time into smaller categories like those with a similar style, the shoes you wear to work, shoes for dinner and wedding, shoes for doing long walk, et. this helps to know the exact place to go when an occasion that demands for a type of shoe come up.

3. Use clear boxes with lids for storage

As any organization experts will tell you it’s very difficult to pick out accessories, shoes or clothes when you do not exactly know what you are looking at Storing all this in tubs makes it impossible to explore your options, so when arranging your shoes try to keep them visible.

4. Buy shoe storage bins

Shoe storage bins are transparent stackable boxes designed to store shoes in collection except for tall stuffs like high-tops and boots.

5. Store fancy heels and shoes at the top of your closet.

Heels are the kind of shoes one doesn’t get to wear every day. They are mostly worn out to high class occasion; some heels are high and delicate making them not to fit easily into shoe slots. So the best place to store these fancy heels is at the top of the closet.

6. Store sandals, slip-ons, flats in over the door organizer

The best place to store all your sandals, slip-ons, and flats is in the shoe organizer. The best are those one that hang over the closets door, they are designed to store casual shoes and comes with enough space to store an entire pair in one slot. It’s best to buy the vertical organizer which usually come with 10 slots, this means you can fit in 10 pairs of casual shoes in there at ease.

7. Store boots upright

Most times boots that are very lengthy tend to flop over and take up unnecessary space on the floor. To keep them in shape use rolled-up magazines or newspapers. Once you are able to get your boots to stand at attention by placing either the rolled up magazine or newspaper in them, you can stick them in individual boxes or clear bins. Another way of storing boots upright is getting the boot hangers and hanging them.

Although there are many other ways to store shores like using high tension rods, installing moldings and floating shelves, etc. but this 7 tips are very simple and the best way to store shoes in small spaces.

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