7 Fun Games that will Sharpen your Child’s Mind

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Most children are fond of playing outside the house or locking themselves in their room to play games using their phones. It gives them time for themselves; however, it detaches them from the real world. The essence of connecting with others doesn’t make sense because we rely much on technology; we forgot the idea that physical contact is also a necessity. 

Introducing some mind games to your children will not just make their brains sharper; it will also create bonds between you and your children. Have a peek at these seven mind games that will surely captivate your children’s attention. 


Having a dream of getting rich, but doesn’t have any idea on how to get wealthy? Well, the Monopoly game will help you achieve that dream. Aside from enjoying it, it will also give you a bunch of ideas on how to deal with business. Playing this game needs one banker to take care of your money. 

The same with the Snake and ladder game, the first player who got the highest number of dice will start the game. Put your token from the go square and move clockwise depending on the number of the dice. You can buy properties by paying the banker if you will land on an available property. 

Five Second Rule

Having a dull moment because it’s raining outside? Well, this Five Second Rule will vanish that boredom! The mechanics are simple; pick one card, read the topic loudly that is indicated in the card, and name three things as fast as you can. If you haven’t mentioned any names within five minutes, ready yourself for punishment. 


The HedBanz game is super easy and fun to play. Everyone in the family can play this game. Firstly, you need to create two teams. Both teams should have one representative, the one who will represent first will stick a card on their forehead then let the member give them hints. If the representative finally guesses what’s on the card, another member of the team will follow. Make sure all the members should have time to guess. 

Sleeping Queens

If you have little girls, this Sleeping Queens game will surely be one of their favorites. The mechanics of this game are that they need to wake the queens from their royal slumbers. This game seems easy, but it will surely exercise their brains; it requires you to think critically and strategically. 


If you are fond of playing a longer game, photosynthesis is the answer to what you are looking for. This game will surely consume your time, but it is all worth it and enjoyable. The challenge of this game is to sow crops and grow trees. Don’t forget to slow your opponent through throwing shadows onto them. 

Super Mario Board Games

mario games

All of us think that Super Mario is exclusively a video game. Well, let me tell you that it can be played as board games. The rule of this game is pushing Mario to go to the castle while collecting coins.


If you are finding fun board games that will allow children and adults to participate in the game, the Uglydoll board game is for you. The rule of the game is to flip cards as fast as you can until you find three matching Uglydolls.


This game offers you so much enjoyment and fun. You only need to stop the opponent from destroying you by attacking their organ cards first through their corresponding afflictions. This game is exclusively for ages five to ten years old. 

Scrabble Game

A Scrabble game will surely sharpen your mind. The mechanics of this game are not as complicated as you think; to start the play, you need to place all the letters in the pouch first before picking a letter. The player who will draw a letter that is closest to the letter “A” will start the game. After that, all players are required to get seven letters and place them on their racks, and then you can now play the game. 

One of the challenges of this game is choosing what dictionary to choose. If you haven’t selected any, you can choose the Scrabble word finder to check whether your words are allowed or not. It will also help the game be more comfortable and easier for you; all you need to do is to jot down the letters, then it will do the rest. 

Chess Game

chess game kids

The Chess game is popular, but it never died. Chess is exclusively for two people. The game demands a lot of time to think critically. The goal of this game is to checkmate the king of your opponent. To successfully do that, you need to plan your every move. The six different pieces also have different ways of moving. 

This game will surely halt the chores since it is time-consuming, especially to those who love to plot their every move. However, you can use the tomato timer to manage your time. It will help you chop down your time for playing and for managing household chores. Chess will enhance a child’s concentration, patience and perseverance since the game requires that the player is able to remember the game even if he or she is away from the game. Concentration is enhanced better when playing chess game since it calls for immediate penalties for lapses.


Some parents love to provide gadgets for their children, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What makes it wrong is the idea of offering them the best, but unable to connect with them. Provide your children the time and love they need through playing with them. The parent can connect with the child through this takeaway game such as the memory basket. Take like nine objects and place them in a box and then allow your child to have a perfect look at them then take the basket away and ask the child to start telling you what was in the box. This will enhance your child’s short-term memory as well as the long-term memory.

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