7 “Cool” Tips For A Garage Refrigerator

Tips for a Garage Refrigerator

People can call it by any name: Snack fridge, Beer Store or a Chiller. Whatever they name it, a Garage refrigerator helps to have the user some extra space, and a lot of convenience. Although conventional refrigerators are not designed to operate in the garage, as most of the garages are not insulated and extreme weather conditions can damage the machine, or the refrigerator will not function to its full capacity, resulting in high power consumption which is always a loss.

However, when the user wants to go for this garage appliance, there are some cool tips and tricks which can be very helpful in getting the optimum performance from the garage refrigerator, and at the same time keeping a check on the electricity bills.

1) Understanding the machine

When someone wants to install the Garage refrigerator, the first thing to understand is how the refrigerator works. The basic idea of the modern day refrigerator is to compare the freezer temperature with the Outside temperature.

So in extremely hot conditions, garage refrigerator will put extra effort to maintain the cooling, that can be seen in the spike of electricity bill. On the other hand freezing temperature will make the freezer confuse and it will sit ideal. Once it is clear how the Refrigerator works, it will be easier to understand how it will function in the Garage.

2) Condition the Garage

The best way to get the garage refrigerator giving the peak performance is to provide the proper air conditioning to the garage. That will require insulation and proper ventilation and all the other things that are used in the home for heating, insulation and ventilation. However the system might be expensive, so the best way is to allocate a separate small space in garage where the condition can be provided.

3) Making is cool

If there is a budgeting problem and the air conditioning option is too heavy for pocket, then there are other simpler ways, depending upon the climate. If there is a heating problem then the user can use a ceiling or pedestal fan which can rotate the air around. This will help to cool down the temperature.

4) Fighting with Freeze

In the problem is with the below freezing point in the garage, as it might send false information to the thermostat and it will stop functioning, then the best solution is to install a heating coil around the thermostat. Heating coils are available in the market, according to the specific brands, if not then one can buy the generic heating coil that can also work.

However there is another option available which can also work to maintain the temperature around the thermostat, is to use the work lamp in the direction of the thermostat. However one has to be aware of the exact location of the thermostat to do this, as the location of the thermostat varies from model to model.

5) Old is Gold

When user wants to install the garage refrigerator, then the best way is to go for the old refrigerator. The new refrigerators are more prone to problems and issues in extreme weather conditions, and that might result in violating the warranty of the product. So an old refrigerator will always be the better choice for the garage refrigerator.

6) Specially Designed Garage Refrigerator

If there isn’t any issue with the budget, and user don’t have the spare refrigerator. There are specifically designed garage refrigerators are available in the market. These refrigerators are made to take on the extreme weather conditions and can work efficiently on the temperature above 100 degree F and below freezing point with any conditioning or Heat coil. But it is must to do the proper research before going for the garage refrigerator. As there are units which are only built for cold and some are for hot weather conditions only. Here are a few options.

7) Be ready for Failure

If a person is using the garage refrigerator then, He/she must be ready for the failure of the machine, it can happen anytime and with any reason. So to avoid more trouble it is always suggested to keep the spoilage prone food items into the kitchen refrigerator. It is best to use the garage refrigerator with the items like, beer or other beverages which can even help the fridge cool if the power is lost or there is machine failure.

Have a garage refrigerator can be cool, and it also gives the user some extra space to store their stuff, which is not required on daily basis. But to keep the machine running in the perfect condition is must. These tips and tricks can be very helpful in saving the electricity bills with little investment and will also make the machine run longer with perfect freezing.

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