7 Best Granite Cleaners of 2021

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Granite is a popular countertop option for bathrooms and kitchens because of its durability and visual appeal. But even though it’s sturdy, it’s also a porous material that needs to be sealed in order to maintain its constant shine. Despite that, you still have to clean the surface when anything spills or stains on the surface of your granite countertop. That’s why there’s something known as a granite cleaner.

There are a variety of granite cleaner products out there and some of them even pull double duty by acting as both the cleaner and a sealer. That’s why we put this article together by listing some of the best granite cleaner products that are high in demand and very effective in results.

Best Granite Cleaner Products

5 types of granite cleaners

1.   Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish

If you want the best granite cleaner and polish, we give you Weiman’s Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use. Smooth and shiny countertops are what Weiman’s product does best as it is quite easy to use. It is highly revered by its consumers because of the glasslike finish and streak-free formula which gives kitchen islands and countertops the clean aesthetic appeal that homeowners are looking for.

What’s more, is that it doesn’t leave behind a strong smell. However, it’s not that great of a degreaser or deep cleaner than you might hope. But still, it is quite effective in giving countertops that homogenous, spotless finish.

2.   JAWS Granite Cleaner

Another notable mention is the Granite Cleaner and Polish from JAWS. Not only does it keep your granite countertops clean, but it does so using a versatile eco-friendly formula. We say versatile because it’s suitable for cleaning for several other types of surfaces including marble, concrete, quartz, and more. It’s also fit for frequent stone cleaning and polishing.

There are refillable pots that come with the product’s package. It doesn’t even contain any harmful ingredients that would scratch or ruin stone surfaces. Furthermore, the polish and the cleaner are biodegradable.

3.   Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray

A clean and effective shine while also giving more value for your investment? Why wouldn’t you opt for Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray? It was launched a little while ago, but it’s still one of the best granite countertop cleaning solutions that’s available in the market. If you think it’s hyperbole, then you should inspect those overwhelming positive reviews and the fact that it’s Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in ‘Household Kitchen Stone Surface Cleaners.’

It’s versatile in that you can clean various natural stone surfaces like marble, travertine, granite, as well as handmade surfaces like quartz. The formula is non-acidic, non-toxic, as well as and doesn’t consist of any ammonia or phosphates. It’s also pH balanced, biodegradable, and safe to apply on surfaces where food is being prepped.

4.   StoneTech Oil Stain Remover

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Here’s another easy-to-use granite cleaner from StoneTech and polisher that’s incredibly effective in getting rid of all manner of stains. It’s also capable of cleaning surfaces other than granite, including slate, grout, ceramic, sandstone, marble, porcelain and concrete surfaces. Although it’s an effective cleaning agent, it’s not strong enough to discolor the surfaces that it’s used on like other products made from poor quality ingredients.

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5.   Better Life Take it for Granite Stone Countertop Cleaner

Give your granite countertop a smooth and spotless shine without harming mother nature in the process. This is the magic that Better Life Granite and Stone Cleaner brings forth. For the more stubborn scum and scuffs, you should use a bit of water and soap first before using this cleaning solution.

Some people have given a mixed reaction on whether the product leaves a streaky finish or not. But they are happy with the overall performance, nonetheless. The solution is also chemical-free and leaves a refreshing smell behind too.

6.   Granite Cleaner by The Floor Guys

They say that two heads are better than one and they couldn’t be any more right with The Floor Guys’ Granite Cleaner. Not only do these two cleaners buff up the shine on your expensive kitchen countertop, but it also helps retain the shine for many years to come. The sealer liquid leaves a blinding shine to the floor and is suitable for frequent use. Additionally, the shiner liquid needs only to be used once a year.

Also, the sealer will prevent the floor from getting any oil- and water-based stains. The product also helps in getting rid of soap scum, food creases, wine, and coffee stains. Besides granite, this cleaner also protects other surfaces like slate, Corian, quartz, and more.

7.   Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz

A granite cleaner that comes with an “all-in-one” label is something to be wary of, but not when it comes from a legitimate brand like Supreme Surface. The cleaning formula in this product makes countertops look more reflective and vibrant and keeps the surfaces smooth and shiny. Besides that, the product leaves a pleasant scent behind, is biodegradable, and is non-toxic as it doesn’t contain any abrasive chemicals.

There won’t be any wax buildup, discoloration or residue left behind with this cleaner. The bonds that keep dirt and grease on your counter will be broken up, allowing them to be washed away with ease.

A protective layer will be placed on the surface, which makes it smooth and reflective. The surface also becomes resistant to hard water spots, soap scum, stains, dirt, and mineral deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granite

Looking for the perfect surface for your countertop in the kitchen isn’t the easiest thing to do. Should you be willing to spend an extra buck, the granite countertops and various natural stone surfaces are an excellent option.

One of the things to know when using granite is how to take care of it, for expanding the durability and maintain the luster for a long time. Hopefully, the following FAQs will bring some light so that you know how to take care of granite the best way possible.

1. What’s to say about granite in a nutshell?

Granite is a natural stone made of multiple large mineral grains that are tightly put together. Quartz and Feldspar are the main elements, but there are other minerals too.

Quartz and Feldspar are the fundamental elements, and they are more robust than steel, which is why granite is used as a sturdy building material.

2. Why do people like granite so much?

Beauty and impressive durability are granite’s most remarkable abilities, but its elegance is one to notice too. Granite fives an elegant vibe to any place. It’s resistant to stain, heat, and scratch, which only makes it more appealing to users.

The list of benefits continues with easy maintenance and price. Regardless of what people think, granite is quite affordable and easy to find in stores.

3. Granite or marble? Is there a difference?

Granite and marble are natural materials and give any architecture a beautiful feel. Every piece is different, adding value to space.

Even if inexperienced clients cannot see it, granite and marble come in different colors and veining. A single marble slab of granite will present specific color variations from one end to the other.

4. When do you use granite, and when should you use marble?

Most of the time, marble is used for vanity tops, bathrooms, and fireplaces. It’s easy to scratch, so it doesn’t make the right choice for the kitchen countertop. Additionally, it’s sensitive to acidic substances such as citrus beverages, ketchup, vinegar- and you have plenty of those in the kitchen.

Many define granite as the second hardest stone. It handles acidic substances and doesn’t scratch, becoming an ideal choice for kitchen countertops.

5. What’s the best way to clean granite countertops?

Microfiber cloth for dusting off the countertops is excellent for cleaning the granite surfaces in your home. You can use some water for the daily cleaning of the granite surfaces. Once a week, you should get a damp cloth and wipe the granite surfaces with a stone cleaner made with neutral pH.

Stay away from abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals as well. They will only pit, scratch, and etch the granite surfaces.

6. How should you tackle the maintenance matter?

Every once in a while, it would help if you re-sealed the countertops. When the water splashed on the granite surface doesn’t bead up, it’s time for re-sealing.

Should you notice or damage, you should get professional help for repairing the granite surface.

7. How do you typically preserve a granite countertop?

Even if granite is resistant to scratches or stains, you can still try your best to take care of it. Use coasters under the glasses and put hot items on pot holders or trivets for helping granite not lose its appearance. Some drinks and food items containing acids may dull or etch the stone. Using warm water and gentle dishwashing detergent regularly will help to preserve the granite surfaces.

Regular household cleaning products will eventually break down the sealer on granite, damaging the surface and shortening its lifespan.

8. Do you have to disinfect granite surfaces?

As granite is resistant to scratching, you may prepare right on the countertop. Once it’s clean, you can use an anti-bacterial kitchen spray. The majority of products are safe to use on granite but don’t forget to check it anyway.

9. Is it possible to get rid of the soap film or haze from the countertop?

Should you notice a soap film on your granite surface, you should use specially-formulated products right over the surface, buffing dry. It would help if you always polished the countertops dry for reducing the risk of streaks, hazing, and spots.

10. What do you do when there’s a white film on your granite countertop?

It’s typical for households to deal with hard water problems. The white film on the granite surfaces is caused by the mineral deposits sitting on the surface of the stone. You will mostly notice it around the faucet and zones where water sits, and air dries.

Look for a spray that is made for natural stone for removing mineral deposits. Should you be confident about using a single edge razor blade, you should wet the areas with water, scraping the deposits. Hold the blade at a flat angle to the counter, just like you would scrape paint off of the glass.

Keep in mind to be extra careful when using the razorblade as you may injure yourself. You can also damage the granite surface. Once you’re done with cleaning, don’t forget to spray it and buff dry.

11. Why is sealing necessary?

The sealer works as a layer of protection for a granite surface. Natural stone may be porous or dense, being absorbent to some extent. Stones that present more veins or swirls are typically more porous and more absorbent. The sealer will reduce the risk of something to harm or stain the granite surface. Moreover, a protected granite surface is easier to clean and resistant to stain, which also makes it healthier and safe for human use. Sealing the granite surface will also preserve the natural beauty

12. Does the granite in your home needs seal?

You may very well check the sealant of your granite surfaces around the house. Pour a drop of water (1/2-in in diameter) over the granite surface, and wait for 15 minutes or so. It would help if you also minimized evaporation, so don’t forget to cover it with a glass. When the stone doesn’t get dark, the chances are that it’s sealed against the water-based stains.

13. How often is it recommended to re-seal the granite counters?

There are a couple of factors affecting the necessity of re-sealing. The kind and quality of the granite, the absorption rate of the stone (dense or porous), the products you’re using for cleaning the granite surfaces (regular household cleaners will affect the sealer and are too harsh for it), and the quality of the sealing count the most.

Light-colored granites and un-polished soft stones (marble is one to name, but travertine, onyx, and limestone are also on the list) will need sealing every 1 to 3 years.

You only need to seal the dark-colored granites (browns, greens, blacks, and blues) every 3-5 years. But you should take it with a grain of salt as it depends a lot on the sealant and the type of granite.

As long as you’re taking good care of your granite surfaces, a good sealer should protect the surfaces for more than a decade.

14. How to choose the cleaner for your granite surfaces?

There are plenty of products to choose from, and you should take your time when selecting. Products are working as both cleaner and a sealer, so you will manage to solve two problems with just one product.

Do your bits and bobs when shopping, ask around, read the reviews, and take time when choosing. It’s not that a cleaner empties your wallet, but you do want the very best for one of the best surfaces that you could have in your home.

Final Thoughts

So what is the best granite cleaner? The answer to this is a personal one as it falls on homeowners as to what works best for their granite kitchen or bathroom countertop.

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