6 Ways To Decorate Your Home Like A Spa

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You go to spas because you want to take a moment to relax and forget about the stress in your life. However, for some people, the moment they go back to the real world, the stressors are back, and the peace in the spa seems long gone.

You can’t possibly go to a spa every day because you have work and other responsibilities, too, so why not emulate the ambiance of the spa into your home?

Here are a few ways on how you can decorate your home like a spa:

  1. Add Some Scent In the Air

The moment you step into a spa, you immediately get into a relaxing mood because of the scent the room has. You can also add aromatherapy to your house, so you’ll get the same smell.

woman in lavish bathtub with candles

You can try these few things:

  • Candles – There are scented candles available in the market. Those candles are infused with essential oils so while they are burning, it releases the scent into the air. Aside from the smells, the light from the candle also adds to the mood lighting.
  • Incense – Like candles, incense also releases scents in the air. It is usually made of herbs, so when you light it up, it slowly burns as it releases the smell in the air.
  • Diffuser – If you prefer a modern touch, you can opt for a diffuser. Those little machines disperse the essential oil into the air. With a diffuser, you can combine different oils, so you have a unique scent and get the most benefits from it.

Adding a scent of essential oils in the air gives you instant relaxing benefits. It spreads the oil molecules into the air which makes it easier to enter your body. Essential oils have benefits like relaxing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and others.

Also, don’t forget to balance the humidity that may come with the right dehumidifier. It’s to keep your home dry and the air healthy. It removes the condensation that could create molds which can break down your house.

  1. Declutter

Spas are a clean and organized place. For your home to look as similar as a spa, you need to declutter your space. Store your books on shelves and keep your items in storage cases. There should be a place for everything.

  • Go for the minimalist interior decor.
  • Get rid of the things you don’t need. You can donate them or sell them, so you can gain some extra few dollars for redecorating.
  • You also need to get into the habit of being organized as you go.
  • Don’t let your chores pile up. Do them as the situation arises, so everything is always kept neat and orderly.
  1. Play Soothing Sounds

Play sounds from nature like waterfalls, rain falling, or birds chirping. Do not play your favorite songs from your playlist or even tune on the pop radio station. The goal here is to create a relaxing mood and not to make you bop or sing along to your favorite tunes.

Sounds from nature help you relax because the repetitive sound is not thought-provoking. Your favorite songs usually evoke emotions out of you, which is why you like them,  because it makes you emotional. But when you want to relax, you need something that clears your head and lets you zone out.

  1. Bring Nature Inside

Doing outdoor activities like going camping or hiking are ways for people to de-stress and soothe their soul. Add some elements of nature into your home, so you don’t have to go out to and see a natural surrounding.

You can incorporate potted plants into your decor. You can also use materials made of wood and rocks, but make sure that they aren’t the polished ones. Pick those that look more natural as possible.

  1. Set Up Mood Lighting

As mentioned, you can use candles to create a dim glow in your space. Do not use harsh lighting like fluorescents because that is not relaxing. You need to find the right amount of light that is not too bright because it will hurt your eyes, or not too dark since it makes you sleepy.

  1. Get Some Towels and Robes

towel rolled up with flower on wooden bench

Fluffy white towels and robes are essentials in every spa. Get some of those for yourself, and maybe you can also invest in a towel heater. The white material invokes cleanliness, and the warmth of softness adds to its relaxing and comforting quality.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go to a spa every time you feel like you want to relax. You can set your house to look and feel like a spa. A few decorations added here, and there can significantly improve the ambiance of your house. After all, don’t you think you will be more relaxed if you are at the sanctuary of your own home?



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