6 Top Suit Designs For This Summer

Once summer is back, you want your boy to look as trendy as he looked in his winter suits. Why compromise the quality of his wear just because of the hot weather? If you know some summer designs that can dress him like a gentleman, you will undoubtedly be saved. They can be an indispensable source for styling exceptional wear for the summer season. Whether your summer will be festive with weddings or enjoyable vacations, he can celebrate his summer with iconic summer styles. Luckily, many summer designs express summer beauty but also keep the level of elegance high. Follow through the top selection of summer suits below and you will definitely find his next sartorial suit.

The Light Blue Suits

Make your boy’s summer a delightful season with a full boys suits in light blue. A blue suit is a classic menswear item that has long been a constant in the wardrobe of any gent. Its timeless appeal and neutral color make it an enduring look that you can repeatedly wear without losing a single shin of your suit, that’s the beauty presides in light blue suits.

That is a counterpart of the navy blue suit in winter, featuring the freshness of the summer season in both the color and design. Accentuated with a linen tie, light blue suits should include a simple white shirt and loafers to complete the summer fee because a light blue suit with a white shirt is the perfect combination for summers just like peanut butter and jelly. If you feel like this is slightly formal for the occasion, lose the tie, style the blazer alone with less formal clothes, put on your favorite casual shoes pair, you are good all set to slay.

Pastel Suits 

 If you are planning to take your child to a formal wedding, pastel suits should be in your options. Your boy deserves a little extra attention at the wedding parties, and he could surely receive that extra attention with a good styled pastel suit because a good pastel suit is a real diamond at the bottom of a deep which can’t go by the sight unnoticed. With their vivid and delicate colors, pastel suits give a boy a strong feel of laid-back summer vacation style that is especially suitable for relaxed parties on the beach or summer holidays. Once you pick the pastel color of your choice, coordinate it with white trousers, white shirt, and loafers. Ideally, every boy should own at least one pastel suit in each of the suits categories to ensure a well-rounded wardrobe.

Beige, Crème, White Suits

Sometimes the too attractive colors aren’t the right feel. Suits in beige or white can be exceptional for summer weddings when combined with pastel accessories. Picture a beige jacket and trousers with a light blue shirt and a daring tie in black. It’s the most stunning wear that a boy could ever ask for. And while you are at it, you might consider white summer suits to include his wardrobe with accessories that transform his style. Give the suit a final cute touch with loafers that work for any occasion. Honestly? We don’t know a better style that keeps a boy fresh in summer and cool in looks at the same time!

Khaki Suits

Another fantastic choice for daylight gatherings is summer suits in Khaki. When summer arrives, and the temperatures begin to warm up, there is no better season fit than a khaki suit. The lighter fabric is perfect for summer weather.  Having a dusty brownish color, these suits are superb for more formal occasions in summer as they do not have the delicate colors that many summer suits have. Just style it with a white shirt, brown shoes, and a linen blue or black tie. You can go even without a tie. Khaki suits are made up of breathable fabric that you can stay fresh all day and attend your business meetings without giving any dull and tiring looks. With so much comfort, khaki suits give you a perfect gentleman look with a light shirt and tie combination. If you’re more into formal appearance then you should consider opting for a more structured design. A well-tailored and fitted khaki suit would surely give a boost to your confidence. So don’t wait further and coat your body in a khaki suit which is best for living up the summer gatherings.

Classic Summer Suit

To avoid too much hassle of the changing trends, you might prefer to have a seasonless classic suit that is also fit for summer. We know that summer isn’t always such hot weather for which only pastel suits are adequate. So, we included a summer classic suit constructed from worsted wool that provides a perfect experience in both average temperatures and hot ones. This classic wear consists of a jacket with notch lapels, light-colored trousers and jacket, and elegant black or brown shoes for boys that are everyone’s favorite. Unlike many summer suits, classic suits are the best option for more serious and formal occasions like weddings which can work for you throughout the summer months. They are, in a word, gentlemanly.

Patterned Suits

Consider enriching a boy’s wardrobe with a patterned suit that steals everyone’s heart. Designed with beautiful patterns like windowpane checks or Polka dots, these suits have a bold individualized style to put on. A patterned suit can surely make you stand out in your friend’s gathering.  With the heat and humidity subsiding in summer, wearing a suit is becoming even more appealing. But rather than throwing on a bland two-piece blue suit this summer, take this opportunity to slip into patterned suits that say something about your style. They are a smart choice for friendly occasions or casual events in the summer season. They are also combined with lovely loafers that seal a fresh and fashionable summer look. But, don’t limit yourself to the full suit because the patterned jacket is a perfect blazer to style with a white t-shirt and simple trousers for a less bold look.

So this year, don’t skip wearing suits merely because of the hot weather, but with changing climate, make some changes in your wardrobe and endure the summer heat by choosing the best summer suits from the above collection.

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