6 Top Paints to Consider for a Kitchen Space

The kitchen is a central spot in any home. It’s the first place that we go to after waking up, after a tiresome day from work or after a run. It needs to be a place where a person is motivated by just looking at the surrounding and hence having a sense of calmness within oneself. We got a number of layouts on how a kitchen should look like, be it having a contemporary look, a traditional approach or a classical setup.

Despite choosing the various set of designs there is one concept that is very hectic, frustrating or confusing which is selecting kitchen paint. In this article, let’s look at the best kitchen paint colors which one can select. a fresh coat or a new color really brightens up the kitchen whether old or new. It is indeed a tough decision to select the best suitable one.

While opting for a color you must look for one that generates a warm fuzzy feeling once a person enters the room. It will make your life worth the relaxation, fun as well as enjoyable. One can even punch up the cabinet with some bright and shiny colors. Also look at the appliances within the kitchen, size of the kitchen room, floors, cabinets, countertops while selecting a paint color.  There are certain colors which always help in creating a warm welcoming space. Some colors stimulate appetite and some energize the room. you can even choose multiple shades that will create a difference.

There are 6 paint colors that you can select:

  • White

It is one of the paint colors that would never disappoint. White brings brightness and lively energy in the kitchen. It sets up a calm environment in the room. White depicts freshness and cleanliness in anytime and it would be easy to spot dirt. White color ultimately makes the room look bigger and brighter.

  • Yellow

Just like the sun, this paint color brings radiance to any room and wakes up a drab kitchen. There are many shades of yellow which makes the room cheerful and warm.  It’s welcoming and also creates warm energy in the room. It’s a paint that can easily be paired with other shades of paint color if it is too plain for your taste. It gives a soft glow and a more sophisticated look. The color combination of white or gray with yellow looks brilliant.

Sometimes bright yellow colors are also known to increase the blood temperature and body temperature.

  • Green

If a person loves nature or wild environment, in general, this is a paint to select. Green comes in many shades including jungle green, apple green, mint, or emerald green among other shades. It’s a color that brings a person close to nature as well as bringing a relaxed feeling in your space. This is one of the smart choices in terms of color selection. This striking shade can add a jolt of energy to the kitchen. Mint and apple green adds character to the room and is soothing to the eyes.

  • Grey

One might think that it’s boring or dull paint to select for any room. However, it’s cool when paired with other colors like, white which comes out beautifully. It may be used on cabinets as well as countertops. it is a neutral color and is categorized to be too cold.  this color if combined with the right shade can create wonders. it will change the way people look upon the kitchen.

  • Blue

Blue comes in various shades. An example is that of the sky or the sea which brings a sense of relief or hope. It can be used on the ceiling or floor. It works wonders when it is used randomly. It keeps the room free from feeling too intense. It creates a crisp clean look and is highly recommended for cabinets, walls, and ceilings.

  • Red

It is the paint for the bold type of individuals. Red depicts love and saves you while looking for decors in any holidays like Christmas for example. The beauty of having this paint is, it may trigger having an appetite. When combined with various paint it goes well with as it’s versatile.

In conclusion

Paint sets various moods to a particular place that is very vital to keep in mind while selecting any paint color. Play with paint during renovations to have a beautiful space. Selecting the best kitchen paint colors helps an individual portray who they are and also puts forward a specific statement. Give your kitchen a modern yet traditional touch by selecting the best color combination. Even bold colors are now in trend for kitchen paints. Painting can be quite the task so if you aren’t up for the challenge, don’t be afraid to call professional painters to help you with your project.

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