5 key questions a pre-purchase building inspection can deal with

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An important part of the many activities undertaken when providing a range of key building services Adelaide wide is to deliver professional and helpful pre-purchase inspection reports. It’s not uncommon for movers to wonder if they are really necessary. Such reports help provide peace-of-mind, by answering these vital questions regarding the soundness of the property under consideration…

Are there any structural problems?

Imagine visiting your doctor with a painful stomach; your physician simply glances at you and says ‘Well you look okay to me’. Wouldn’t inspire confidence! Same when buying a property; it may look fine but have deep-seated structural issues, ones that might even require major reconstruction work. Not something you’d want coming to light after you’d bought it and moved in.

Can repair costs be built into your budget?

You might decide to purchase a less-than-perfect property, judging that the advantages outweigh any problems. An inspection can allow you to prepare for any work to be undertaken, and importantly, include provision for this in your moving budget. This could also help you reach a more balanced final ‘buy or not’ decision.

Is the property structure fit for purpose?

One of the key feelings in having your own home is that of safety and security for you and your family as a constantly-used living space. Moving into a property and then finding dangerous cracks in the ceiling or, horrifyingly, perhaps that asbestos is present, is not recommended.

Is it safely wired?

Another key safety consideration is in the standard of the electric wiring throughout the property. Again, ‘looks okay’ is not a high enough standard to use when judging. You might also want confirmation that effective and working smoke alarms have been fitted.

Are any outbuildings up to standard?

There are a multitude of specific local authority regulations concerning something as seemingly simple as having a shed on your property. This is even the case with any patios that have been added to a home. A pre-purchase inspection can confirm that these have been constructed in an acceptable and regulated manner.

Final thought

Two famous westerns come to mind when considering whether to pay a company delivering construction services Adelaide residents might choose for a pre-purchase inspection. Some people think it is simply handing over ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ for no real reason. Wiser heads appreciate the peace-of-mind available for just ‘A Few Dollars More’!

And here are some tips directly form house inspectors:


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