5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Like any machine or appliance, your home’s HVAC system needs a little care and maintenance from time to time. Even your car needs an oil change, and if you expect your HVAC system to keep your residence minty cool in the summer and balmy warm in the fall and winter year in and year out, you’ll need to keep it well maintained.

The good news is that it isn’t as hard as you might think, and with the help of a professional once or twice a year you can easily keep your HVAC unit running smooth as silk without a repair bill in sight.

 Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips

  1. Replace those Filters

Simple, yet impactful, a fresh clean filter can have a dramatic influence on how your HVAC system performs, as well as the quality of air in your home. All modern heating and AC units utilize filters to help trap mold, dirt, dust and fungal spores before they have a chance to get pushed throughout your home. These filters also prevent your HVAC unit from freezing and overheating during heavy use. Generally you should clean and/or replace your filter every 60-90 days.

  1. Keep Vents Clear and Free of Debris

Clogged, obstructed or otherwise dirty air vents prevent resistance-free airflow from reaching your  living areas. This reduction in efficiency can increase energy costs, place undue stress on your system, and reduce air quality.

  1. Inspect your Ductwork

If you notice increased humidity, poorly distributed temperature or temperature control, or musty smells, you may have issues with your ductwork. Proper inspection of your ductwork includes checking for:

  • Leaks
  • Worn or peeling seals
  • Poorly connected piping
  • Moisture build up
  • Dirt, grime, mold, or other debris
  1. Thermostat Operation

Your thermostat is the regulator of all things heating and AC in your home. If your thermostat goes awry, or becomes inaccurate, even by a degree or two, it can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands over the course of the year. If you notice your thermostat turning on or off more frequently than it should, experience uneven heating or cooling or if your thermostat is simply “old”, you may want to consider an upgrade. Thermostats can be a cheap upgrade and can end up saving you big in the long run.

  1. Exterior Debris

While most of the attention with regards to HVAC maintenance is focused on the inside of your home, the exterior should not be ignored. Overgrowth from trees, shrubs or other foliage, as well as fallen leaves or sticks can cause your HVAC unit to malfunction or perform poorly. Consider utilizing a cover for your HVAC unit when not in use or during seasons where debris is more likely to impact your system.

  1. Tune-Up

While many Toronto homeowners skip annual HVAC maintenance and tune-ups in order to save money, this could cost them big in the long run. Failure to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently can end increasing your monthly utility bills and end up placing undue stress on your HVAC system. Without proper HVAC maintenance, small issues can turn into major problems and repair bills later on.

Scheduling routine HVAC maintenance with pros like Green Approved Solutions can not only reduce energy costs and ensure your family stays cozy and comfortable, it can also catch early signs of wear or damage before they turn into costly repairs.

We suggest an HVAC inspection and maintenance professional check on your system at least once a year.

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