5 Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen in Spring 2020

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Is your kitchen feeling a little old and drab? If you feel like your kitchen needs an upgrade, but you don’t have extra money for a complete renovation, there are many simple design ideas to help spruce up your space with minimal spending from your pocket like changing your kitchen handles and adding flowers to your counters.

You need to make your kitchen a priority because this is the hearth of the home that produces all the delicious food you feed your family. For a more style detailed guide, read on below to help get your creative juices flowing.

Pile on Your Prints

mums kitchen sticker on wall

You can give your kitchen a style update without knocking down any walls. Consider adding prints that add loads of character to your space. Invest in a beautiful kitchen rug with coordinating tea towels. You can also add interesting details by using sticker home decals. These special decals have a unique adhesive that will not leave a stain on your walls. You can take them out and readily replace them with a different pattern when the mood strikes.

Employ the Stash and Hide Technique

pull out whicker baskets as kitchen drawers
Pull out whicker baskets as kitchen drawers

Invest in nice bins like reliable baskets to stash and hide your bulky equipment. Nothing looks more unsightly than a messy and disorganised kitchen. You won’t feel inspired to cook if your kitchen counter is cluttered.

A rustic looking basket adds charm to your work area while helping you stay neat and organised. You can store your seasonal goods in there like your Halloween cake pans or Christmas cookie cutters. If baskets are not your thing, then you can also use sleek metal baskets or stacked shelving.

Pay Close Attention to Details

brushed brass cabinet handles

When you are thinking of changing the look of your kitchen, do not forget your kitchen handles. Aside from having the functional purpose of helping you open your kitchen cabinets and drawers, these handles set the tone of your kitchen theme. They can be sleek shiny stainless steel, matte brass to showcase some warmth, or wooden to add a touch of charm.

Your chosen hardware can even be kitschy, coming in various shapes and sizes. The handle design you pick adds a beautiful visual touch to your space. These handles may be tiny, but they will catch the attention of whoever enters your kitchen.

Switch Out Your Lighting 

kitchen lighting with spot lights and main lights

Light is a compelling element as it can set the ambience of your kitchen. Change your light fixtures because they stand out to make a provocative statement. Of course, your chosen installation must also tie your whole room together. With a broad range of designs out there, find one that meets your needs and preferences. Updating your lighting is not just for aesthetic purposes. It is also a necessity because you need ample light when you are working. The last thing you want to do is hurt your fingers when you are chopping your vegetables.

Simply Swap Your Stools

kitchen island with bar stools

If you want to change the personality of your kitchen, swap out your dull-looking stools. These bar stools are big pieces that really draw the eyes. You can play with their shapes, colour, material, and finishing touches. When your stool already looks worn out, your kitchen ends up exuding the same vibe. You don’t want tired-looking stools to make you feel too lazy to cook. Your space can influence your mood, so be mindful of these things.

Final Word

Your kitchen is not only a place for cooking. Your family and friends hang out in the kitchen, sharing snacks, and listening to stories. It is the central area of your house where your family gets their nourishment. Cooking good food made with love is so much easier to do when your kitchen looks beautiful. Use these design tips to help you stay inspired!

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