5 Curtain Fabrics For Your Home

When choosing curtains, it’s easy to be blinded by the sheer variety on offer. The different fabrics can make a lot of difference in your choice, too. Here, we’re going to look at what some of the best fabrics are, and what they can help you achieve. Think about your needs and look at the guide below to see which is best suited to them.

The affordable and durable choice – Polyester

As a fully synthetic fabric, polyester might not suit everyone’s tastes, but they do have a range of advantages. For one, they are very budget friendly, so you won’t be breaking the bank. They come in a huge range of designs, too. Most importantly, they are very sturdy and long-lasting. However, they’re flammable and absorb smells very easily, so they might not be a good fit in the kitchen or laundry room.

Get that light and airy feel – Cotton

Cotton and cotton blends can be resistant to stretching and wrinkling, like polyester. However, many people prefer them for the natural, airy look they provide, and they drape well, making them good for formal dining rooms, as well. They are not quite as effective at blocking sunlight without lining, however.

To maximise natural light – Lace

Some rooms, like the kitchen or home office, work best with as much natural light as you can possibly let in. Lace is a very sheer fabric, making it perfect for just that. However, it’s not suitable if you want curtains to ensure privacy. Any lining you add to lace will simply spoil the aesthetic it provides. However, they do work well as an accompaniment to blinds or shutters.

For luxury or formal settings – Silk

Silk is a heavy fabric that drapes extremely well. It can create a sensation or luxury and intimacy in the bedroom or make the dining room look even more formal and high-class. It is worth mentioning, however, that they are relatively high-maintenance. Sun damage is a factor as they are prone to it, but when choosing curtains at stores like Online Curtain Fabrics, you can choose linings to protect them from the harsh rays. Silk has to be hung immediately to stop from wrinkling, too, and are dry clean only.

For privacy and insulation – Velvet

Velvet has a similar look to silk, though not quite as sumptuous. However, it is much more effective at not only blocking out the light and maintaining privacy. It offers great insulation, making it easier to keep the home warm in the colder seasons and reducing your energy bills. They aren’t as prone to sun damage, either, and they do drape well, making them suited to bedrooms and the dining room. What’s more, it’s usually not quite as expensive as silk.

There is no one “right choice” when it comes to curtain fabrics. Each of them can play a different role very well. It’s worth noting that different types of lining can also make up for some of the shortcomings of certain fabrics too, though at a somewhat added cost.

A video from Citytv on how to choose the right drapes for your space:

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