The 5 Best Styles for Dining Tables Available at 1stopbedrooms

The 5 Best Styles for Dining Tables Available at 1stopbedrooms

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially if you enjoy throwing dinner parties. Creating the right atmosphere sets the tone for your guests, allowing you to show off your unique tastes and design skills. In addition to being stylish, your dining room should be functional and provide comfort to your family and friends. Choosing the right furniture might be the most critical decision you make for the room, so it’s important to choose wisely. When it comes to shopping for the best dining tables, there are an endless number of options available online at 1stopbedrooms. To help you make the best decision, here’s some valuable information on each of today’s top styles.


If you’re looking for an elegant yet functional dining table, consider a traditional design. These tables are typically made of dark wood and have carved ornamental features on the legs. To enhance the regal feel of a traditional table, choose matching seating with rich-colored upholstery. If your taste is eclectic, choosing mismatched chairs is a fun way to liven things up. Traditional tables look great underneath chandeliers and make wonderful conversation pieces.


Pedestal dining tables are useful and practical while offering a touch of symmetry and style. They are made by combining a wide tabletop with a solid middle leg, or pedestal. Most pedestal tables have an oval or circular tabletop. They come in a variety of materials and finishes. One of the major benefits of this style is the ample legroom it offers. Chairs fit easily underneath without bumping into legs, perfect for when you need to add extra seating for guests.


A farmhouse table design is rustic, yet versatile. These tables are typically made of sturdy, solid wood and provide a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere. Farmhouse dining tables pair well with just about any seating option, from long benches to more upscale chairs with fancy upholstery. No matter where your home is located, the farmhouse style creates a country aesthetic.


Trestle-style tables have been around since the Middle Ages. They consist of a wide, durable tabletop supported by two supportive trestles underneath. In the past, trestle tables were built to be taken apart and reassembled in any desired room. Today’s models don’t always come apart, but they’re still popular amongst homeowners who love to entertain. These versatile tables fit with any décor scheme and are perfect for large dinner parties. Choose a trestle table made of solid wood for a clean, simple look or choose a mix of metal and wood for a more industrial aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern

Common characteristics of mid-century modern dining tables are tapered legs, natural wood construction, and a polished silhouette. They are usually made of medium to light-colored wood, but today’s models come in several different tones and finishes. The mid-century modern style works well in smaller dining rooms. This timeless style brings an element of simplicity with its straightforward design patterns. If you use your dining room to showcase artwork, mid-century furniture is a natural complement to your pieces.

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