5 Activities to do as a Family this Weekend

With weekend just around the corner, it is about time that you rejuvenate your senses and ease off all the stress that you have been shouldering the entire week at work. Spending some quality time with your family and doing some fun activities together can be a great way to make that happen. To make things a lot easier, we have even picked out some of the best activities that you can indulge in that we feel are fun and allow enough room for creativity as well.

Paint with Paint by Numbers

Painting and playing with colors allows us to release stress and calm down our thoughts. But while it is something we all want to do, it is not something everyone is good at. Thus, most of us end on giving up and never consider painting as an activity they can take on any longer. It doesn’t have to be so anymore. With the paint toolkit, now just about anyone can paint. So, this weekend bring home a kit for you all to try your skills on and see how paint by numbers would grow to become something everyone in your family would become fond of.

Plan a backyard picnic

Well, the weather seems to be just perfect for an outdoor activity . So, why not plan out a picnic that you can host in the backyard together as a family. To engage the younger ones, you can have them decide on the theme and even prepare a picnic basket with you so that they feel involved and equally excited. Spend the time chatting, playing some board games or simply bathing in the sun.

Treasure hunt

This happens to be everyone’s favorite game, no matter what the age. Pick out a winning prize that will interest everyone and then set out to arrange the hunt. It should take a bit of an effort but the whole fun and energy it is going to invoke would certainly be worth it. You can even include some puzzles or fun games as a part of the treasure hunt trail to take things up a notch.

DIY projects

It is one way that you can not only practice on your creative skills but also engage your mind in doing something fruitful and rewarding. Start by picking out something that would be useful to each one in the family and then maybe move on to assigning projects on individual basis to push everyone and have something you all will look forward to every week.

Gazing at the stars

Spread out some mattresses and bring those comfortable warm blankets out this weekend for a fun night you all would cherish and rejoice for years to come. Looking at stars and finding your personal favorite ones in the sky is an interesting activity but doing it together with people you love can turn it into a memorable one as well. All you would need is a telescope, a book to guide you and some hot chocolate to keep you warm.

There is no better way to relax than by spending some quality time with your family. These above-mentioned five activities are enough to give you an idea. Get started with them and build them on along the way to add your personal touches to each one of them.

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