4 Energy Saving Myths To Know About (Cheap Epc)

Energy efficiency benefits a home in a lot of ways. Most importantly it allows you to keep the electricity bills under control without compromising the comfort of your home. Everyone wants their house to be the coziest place in the whole world but if you cannot afford its comfort and luxury then it’s not worth it. It is essential that you adopt energy efficient practices so that you can reduce the energy consumption and help your pocket as well as the environment.

If you are looking to lower the energy consumption then you need to take effective measures. There are a lot of practices that are considered energy efficient but in reality, they are not too effective in making a difference in the energy efficiency of the property. You can always get a cheap EPC to get ideas on lowering the consumption of the house.

Here are a few energy saving myths that you should be aware of.

Lower Energy Usage by Turning off Appliances:

Turning off the appliances when they are not in use is helpful in reducing the peak usage but the appliances still draw electricity and contribute to the energy usage. If you want to get rid of the phantom load then you should unplug the appliances when they are not in use. You can use the smart power strip and there will be a single switch that will power all appliances and you can simply switch off single switch and unplug all appliances with a single adapter.

High Thermostat Setting Ensures Efficiency:

Increasing the thermostat setting is not going to heat up the room quicker. The thermostats are responsible for directing the HVAC system of the house to increase or lower the temperature of the house. Its setting does not increase or decrease the speed of heating or cooling the house, it just determines the temperature the HVAC system needs to achieve. If you increase the setting and then forget to turn the thermostat down after the desired temperature is achieved then you will be wasting energy. You should just set the ideal temperature and you will not be wasting energy.

Closing Vents and Registers in Unused Rooms save Energy:

If you think that closing the vents or registers of the unused rooms is going to help you in achieving energy efficiency, think again. The HVAC system works as a balanced system and if you close one vent it will put extra strain on the others and they will use more energy rather than less. The better way of saving energy is just to set the thermostat a little higher in summer and lower it in winter.

Ceiling Fans Cool the Room:

The ceilings fans cannot lower the temperature of the room. They are just designed to circulate the air around the room and make the skin feel cool. You should not leave the ceiling fan running in an unoccupied room because it will just be a waste of energy.

It is important that you invest in energy-saving tips that are effective in reducing energy cost and help with financial savings.

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