4 Creative Roof Terrace Ideas

4 Creative Roof Terrace Ideas

The rooftop like any section of your house is one that you can easily transform into a distinctive space. It offers one the opportunity to play around with creativity by converting the available space into an exciting personal home space.

So if you have a roof terrace, don’t overlook it. It can become useful in many ways.

Depending on the available space you have at your disposal here a few creative ideas to help you maximize on your roof terrace space.

Create a Perfect Home Garden

If you are the type who loves the gardens, then converting your roof terrace space into a nice and neat garden is the way to go. An open roof terrace is the most ideal. Depending on your preference, you can choose to set up an all-flower garden, a vegetable garden or even a mixture of both.

Also, you can choose to have your plants either placed in pots or beds. Lavender, climbing hydrangea, donkey ear, dogwood, and common hazel are some of the flower plants you can consider.

For a vegetable garden, you can grow lettuce, kale, spinach, carrots and onions among others. Most importantly remember to factor in all the design elements such as space, balance, color, and arrangement to give your roof terrace a picturesque view.

Perfect Home Workspace

Working while outside the house can be a very fun thing to do especially during a sunny day.

For instance, if you are into art stuff, working from an open space can be the best, allowing you to keep the rest of your house clean and tidy. What’s more, you can even give it an office design where you can meet your clients when you are not working from the office. 

Another creative idea would be turning your roof terrace into your business start-up office if it is large enough thus saving on rent and other expenses. Visit http://www.newyorkdecks.com/roof-terrace/ for more creative ideas on how to make use of your roof terrace space.

A Place for the Kids to Play

If you happen to have a cramped-up home with less space for your kids, then a roof terrace can be a perfect playing ground.

Since it’s on the roof, you will have to design it to have safe protection features to prevent kids from toppling over. A strong metallic barrier is the best option. Afterward, you can put in different playing toys depending on the size of the roof terrace. Swings, seesaws, and tubes are some of the common playing ground equipment you can install.

Turn It into Your Gym

Imagine having a gym area in your home? It will save you time and a monthly gym membership subscription. If you are clueless on how to use your roof terrace space, then turning it into a workout zone is a creative and smart option.

The space you have will determine your workout regime and the equipment you can install. Dumbbells, punching bags, sets, plates, and bench are some of the gym equipment you can use to create a simple home gym. Should you have a challenge, seek professional advice from a gym expert to help you with the design work. 

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