4 Clever Landscape Solutions For Your Small Space 

landscaping ideas for small backyard

Having a relaxing space at home covered with beautiful plants is every homeowner’s dream. But having a small area can deter you from fulfiling that dream. Some homeowners believe that a larger lot can provide you with the best garden at home. However, you must never let the size of your vacant lot to stop you from having your garden at home. Even landscape experts believe that designing the space lies in your creativity, not its size. If you want to start working on your small garden, here are several landscape solutions that will let you create a beautiful garden like a pro.

Combine Different Features

When working in a limited space, one of the challenges that you may face is determining the number of features or elements that you want to see in the area. You must also decide if your chosen feature is practical to install in your restricted space. But if you know how to come up with accurately executed landscape solutions, you can successfully execute a small garden that has an illusion of space. You need some imagination to help you incorporate the garden features that you wish to see in your small area.

Merge Some Wall Decor

Walls can become an essential feature in small spaces. While it can become an eyesore if not executed properly, walls can still serve as a big canvas that you can use to create beautiful designs in your bare yard.

For example, your brick wall can serve as an extra space to hang pots or water features. You may also hang differently sized mirrors to give the area an illusion of a bigger space and offer a focal point in the garden. These features will help add more attitudes to your small garden.

Incorporate A Water Feature

Small gardens will look better if you use a water feature. The sound of the flowing water will enhance the relaxing feel of the place as well as provide a cooling element during a hot, sunny day. However, you need to make sure that your water feature will not create too much sound in the small space. If the sound of the water will produce a loud echo in the walls, you may get irritated and make you feel more stressed than ever. So make sure that your water feature will suit the size of your space.

Allocate A Space For Relaxation

Since you want to turn your small vacant lot into a relaxing place, you need to reserve a dedicated spot where you can hang out and unwind. It can be simple furniture like a small bench or something more extravagant like an entire sitting space surrounded with plush pillows and comfortable rugs.

Landscape solutions like hanging several hammocks provide a spot to relax, especially if you want to lie around and read a book for a while. You may also add some tables where you can put your drinks and other refreshments.

Turning your vacant lot at home into a tranquil place to sit back and rest could be one of the best decisions that you can make for your home. It does not matter if the space is too small for a proper garden. As long as you know how to let your imagination run wild while remaining practical about the use of the area, your small landscape solutions will give you a fantastic result.

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