3 Things to Consider While Choosing a Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

In the US, more than 6 out of 10 households have a pet as a family member. When remodeling or building your home, there are many things to consider in picking out your flooring that holds up with the dogs, cats and other furry members.

As a pet owner, pet-friendly flooring is one of the important considerations to remember for interior and exterior flooring. The pets scratch, walk, run, and jump all around on the floorthe floor.

Our animal companions need a surface they can easily lie, walk, and play on. Also, some pets shed hair, some have sharp nails, and some may relieve themselves on the floor. You need a flooring material that can withstand any mess and is still cozy enough for your pet.

Don’t panic, even if you have a scratchy and accident-prone at home, you would not have to compromise on the flooring. A pool of best options is available to choose from keeping in mind the above considerations.

Remember, Not all materials used in flooring are suitable for pets. This article will guide you on the criteria to use when picking the right materials. When searching through the different pet-friendly flooring options, consider the following things for final selection:


1.The Comfort Needs For Your Pets

Of course, we know that you want your pets to feel comfy while lying on the floor. Most pets love rolling and lying on the floor. Some pets prefer sleeping on the ground rather than on their bed.

Look out for flooring options that are insulated against extreme weather conditions.

The floor should not get too hot or cold, which will be an uncomfortable experience for your pet to walk or lie on.

Well-thought-out carpeting flooring will offer a perfect surface for your pet to lie on. Some carpets are warm and soft. You will need to fumigate them often since they can be breeding grounds for fleas and ticks.

For in-depth information about the appropriate flooring to buy for your pet, go through this pet proof carpet guide. This guide reviews some of the best pet-friendly carpets available in the market.


2.The Ease of Cleaning a Floor And Its Durability

In the flow of loving your pet, you tend to ignore that they can be messy even if they have been trained. The floor selection should be one such type that doesn’t stress out the pet at home.

Without proper flooring, the pet in your home can easily deteriorate your home’s flooring. They can leave pee or vomit stains on your carpet, nail scratches, fur or fouls smell.

The material you pick should be easy to clean and scratch proof. Hardwood, vinyl flooring, and porcelain tiles are a good option since they are long-lasting and easy to clean. They are the options where your pet can enjoy the gorgeous flooring without destroying the beauty of the floor.

Also, you will not have to worry about your home being infested by pests like fleas. The options above are perfect for you but may not be the best surface for your pets. If you use them, you can add a removable rug or bed for your pet to lie on. They are the on-trend flooring styles and are available in lighter color and lower gloss to help hide any stains that may occur.


3.Is it Non Slip Flooring?

You should also take into account that your pet’s legs may not have the same amount of grip on the floor as much as you do. The flooring material to use should be non-slip so that your pets can walk on without sliding. The traction with the floor should be in the top considerations while selecting the flooring.

The texture of the flooring material should be a coarse to allow for easy traction. Carpet and rubber flooring give the best surface for your pets to run around without slipping. If your pet is highly active, you should not use porcelain tiles. If the floor is slippery, you are putting your pet at risk of broken legs, teeth, and other serious injuries.

Choose the right flooring for your pet while not compromising on flooring designs. The selection may be an expense but consider the following criteria:

  • Easy to wash;
  • Easy to vacuum and sweep;
  • Should easily be replaceable if needed;
  • Comfortable underfoot;
  • Resistant to wear and tear;
  • Eco-friendly if possible;
  • Anti-microbial;
  • Requires little maintenance.

True, that not all the qualities would be covered in the selection but decide the flooring requirements keeping in mind your pet. A wide variety of designs that gives a natural-looking luxury are available. Select the one that best suits your budget.


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