3 Best Polaris pool cleaner in 2019

Swimming pools will always need to be clean at all times. One of the best remedies you can use to keep your swimming pool clean is the use of vacuum cleaners. If you need to save your energy and time, you may choose to work with an automatic pool cleaner. Polaris automatic pool cleaners are some of the best in the industry. However, it does depend on your pool’s needs and your own personal budget to find the ideal one for you. There are cheaper ones than Polaris, but they are generally not good quality.

The products from the Zodiac company are amazing, and the quality of work produced is marvelous. However, there are some models which seem to attract more buyers due to their fantastic performance. This article will do an in-depth review of the three best Polaris pool cleaners you can get in the market. There are quite a number of cool Polaris cleaners, you can find a great battle of Polaris 9450 vs 9550, but in this article, we will observe some other models.



The Polaris 280 is one reliable automatic pool cleaner. The cleaner can clear the pool from all large debris to small particles in less than three hours. The bot will also clean all the walls on your pool and even the corners which are hard to reach. The swimming pool staircase won’t be left out as well.


  1. Large filter bag.

The Polaris 280 is fitted with a large capacity dirt filter bag. This bag is sufficient to do the whole job without the need of someone to empty it midway. The filter bag ensures that it captures all the debris from the pool. Its placed before the filter and the pump basket. It protects both the filter and the basket from blockages which would assist prolong its life span.

  1. Dual Venturi Jet

The vacuum used on this cleaner is a dual venturi jet to power its movement. It can get even to every corner of the pool collecting dirt and debris. The intake opening is large hence allowing for the suction of the large debris

  1. In-Line Valve

The Polaris 280 is designed to ensure it doesn’t get stuck midway when working. It has an in-line valve which would set it free when it’s stuck during its operation. It, therefore, ensures the cleaner would clean your pool in a short duration.

  1. Boost Pump

If you need maximum power for your cleaner, you can purchase a boost power to increase its cleaning capabilities. The pump gives it the ability to clean the scum found on the surface of your pool. It’s an essential part if you need the pump to be effective in executing its duties.

  1. In-ground Pool Cleaner

The cleaner can work effectively in in-ground pools. It would clean the pool by sweeping, scrubbing and vacuum it to leave it sparkling clean. It has a sweep hose for cleaning the corners of the swimming pool.

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  • Can work on any design if in-ground pool.
  • Can use an external pump to boost its performance.
  • It works in a short duration thanks to the powerful pump producing adequate pressure.
  • Filter bag for collecting debris.

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  • The bot doesn’t work effectively without a booster pump.
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The bot is one of the most innovative automatic pool cleaners you can get in the market. It doesn’t need a booster pump for it to execute the required power. It can work on different sizes and shapes of in-ground swimming pools.


  1. Wall Climbing Ability

The Polaris 360 can climb on any wall effectively which proves to be a tough job for most of the automatic pool cleaners. This feature makes it an appropriate bot for in-ground pools. It’s tough to clean the walls of an in-ground pool manually.

  1. MaxTrax Wheels

These wheels ensure your bot has a fantastic grip on the ground when cleaning. Once its cleaned a region, it does a tail sweep which would require the cleaner to have a tremendous ground grip.

  1. Super Efficient Three Cleaning Methods

The automatic pool cleaner works in three ways which make it efficient. It can scrub, sweep and vacuum clean your pool to leave it scum free and very clean. The three jet technology makes the cleaning process to be active and complete the job in a short time.

  1. Pool Circulation Pump Operated

The Polaris 360 doesn’t need a booster pump for it to operate. It can use the pool’s circulation pump to create the required pressure. The water released from the pump gives it the necessary boost, and it’s released back to the swimming pool.

  1. Large Filter Bag

The filter bag on this model is placed before the filter and the pump basket. His is more of a security feature to protect the elements from clogging. Therefore, the design would ensure the bot can serve you for a longer duration.

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  • Easy to install on the pool’s system.
  • Superb cleaning qualities.
  • it doesn’t need a booster pump.
  • Cheap to maintain.
  • A large filter bag to collect all the debris.

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  • You may need to replace the filter bag after some time.
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If you are looking for an efficient automatic pool cleaner, the Polaris 380 would be a perfect choice. The bot can be used on pools of different sizes and shapes. It’s powerful and can work in a short duration. However, you need a booster pump to boost the power it needs to operate the cleaner.


  1. Triple Jet Mechanism

The bot has a triple jet system which propels it through the pool. The power ensures that it can climb on walls easily hence appropriate for wall cleaning. It can work in any swimming pool despite its shape and size.

  1. In-Line Valve

During the cleaning process, the Polaris 360 bot may get stuck in different corners. The back-up valve can free the bot when it’s stuck on any edges on the pool. The valve works by reversing the bot back to the starting point. This allows it to work on other regions of the swimming pool.

  1. Boost Pump

To make it robust, the manufacturer makes the bot with an allowance for a booster pump. You can purchase the pump separately to give your cleaner extra power. The power makes it’s capable of working on large pools, and the cleaning is through.

  1. Belt-drive

A belt drive system runs the wheels of the bot which makes its operation to be smooth. The belts transfer power from the motor to the wheels. Once the belt is worn out, you can buy a new one and install it on your bot. If the machine stops moving, you should check whether the belt is worn out.

  1. 31-Feet Hose

On purchasing the bot, it will come with a long hose. The hose allows it to move freely from one corner of the pool to another. It enables the automatic cleaner to even work on large pools with ease.

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  • Large filter bag.
  • Can easily climb on walls and entangle itself.
  • A large debris intake valve for sufficient sucking of dirt.
  • The bot completes the tasks in a short duration.
  • Longer life span due to the filter bag which protects the filter and pump basket.

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  • Needs a booster pump for it to operate.
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Polaris automatic cleaners have an excellent reputation in the market. They manufacture both in-ground and above ground products. They have a long life span which would lower your expenditure. The pool cleaners are also affordable, and some would need booster pumps for them to operate effectively.

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