15 Ways to Update Your Home Right Now

The best Malibu interior designers will give you all kinds of ideas to update your home. These ideas can take your home from drab to fabulous. While these ideas are fantastic, they can be time-consuming. Here are some quick ways to update your home that will come in handy if you are expecting guests soon.

Why Update Your Home

Many things could make you want to update your home. You could be remodeling your home to sell it or to make it a better place to live in. Given that buying a house is the biggest investment one can make in their life, everyone wants to see that they get value for the money they spend.

As such, a buyer will want to see purchase a house that’s worth living in. If you check on most online real estate listings on the internet, you can see that most homeowners update their homes before listing them.

Here are a few reasons you may want to update your home.

If you are considering selling your home…

  • Home Buyers Don’t Want to Remodel Immediately After Buying

It’s costly to buy a new home. In addition, there are costs one incurs from moving to their current home to the new one to settling with their family. As such, many new home buyers try to avoid the costs that come with remodeling a new home.

And for that reason, many new home buyers will be willing to spend money on an already updated home than one that needs remodeling after buying it.

  • Updating Your Home Attracts More Buyers

Did you know that people who want to buy homes and real estate agents do research online before they can make a purchasing decision?

By updating your home, you make it attractive to buyers when they search online.

  • Updating Your Home Makes it to Stand Out

As homebuyers do their research online when considering buying their dream home, they come across hundreds of thousands if not millions of listed homes- you can see how competitive the real estate market is.
As such, you need to make your house stand out from the crowd. To achieve that, you need to update it with desirable features buyers are looking for.
Once you make your home desirable, buyers will then concentrate on adding a few things they want in a home.

If you are not selling it…

  • Updating Your Home a Comfortable and Efficient Place to Live in

Sometimes you may not be considering selling your home but you and your family need to live in a comfortable and efficient place.
Living in a comfortable place is necessary for your wellbeing. There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy after remodeling your home. And as they say “there is no place like home” so you must make it a place worth living in for you and your loved ones.

  • Improve the Functioning of the Home

Updating your home can add more space that accommodates the whole family from children, parents, to visitors.
For instance, upgrading by adding more space in the sitting room means you can have enough space to ado a lot of things at home. You home will function effectively if it’s spacious enough.

Updating your home is recommendable, regardless of the purpose of remodeling.

  • Clean and Paint

You will be amazed at how better your house looks with some light cleaning and fresh paint. Neutral paint colors tend to work best, but you should consider the style of home you own.

  • Create a Man Cave

Men can use the garage, basement or shed and transform it into a man cave. You can install a wall unit, new flooring and even a sound system in one weekend, and you have space to truly call your own.

Over time, your kitchen cabinets will start to show their age. You should ideally apply two coats of paint to make them look as good as new. Adding new cabinetry is expensive, so this is a more cost-effective option.

  • Add Mirrors

Mirrors create optical illusions that make space look larger than it actually is. You can read through the best colors for a home office, but you would be amazed by what you can accomplish when you can simply hang up a mirror or two to make space stand out.

  • Update Cabinet Handles

Sometimes, the cabinets themselves are fine. You can make them look like the newest edition with some fancy handles you can purchase at any home décor store.

  • Get New Outlet Plates

White outlet plates stand out like a sore thumb in the living room. Find some plates that are the same color as the wall to make them complement everything else.

  • Add New Lighting

The right lighting can honestly bring a room to life. There are several ways to brighten up a room. You can strategically place some tall floor lamps in the room. If you plan on adding recessed lighting to a room, then make sure you hire an electrician.

  • Eliminate Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were big in the 1960s and 70s. Now, they make your home look dated. Before removing the popcorn, you should first get your house tested for asbestos.

  • Add Outdoor Seating

Even if you do not have a huge backyard, you can still make the area nicer by adding a small table and a couple of chairs. It will make the yard look bigger, and you benefit from having a nice place to enjoy a spot of tea.

  • Paint Your Bathtub

Installing a new tub is expensive, but you have to do something about the pink atrocity in the bathroom. You can actually paint porcelain, and you can do it yourself. You just need to make sure you purchase the right kind of paint, and your baby blue tub will soon be white.
When you have a home project on the horizon that requires a professional, do not hesitate to call in some experts. Interior designers near you are waiting to help, so reach out to them as soon as possible.

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