12 Christmas Ideas to Decorate Your Dormitory

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You end up spending a lot of time in a hostel or dormitory during the holiday season even though you resolve not to. Homework projects and freelance jobs seem never-ending. All people are looking for is a little bit of cheer and warmth. Who says that it is impossible to celebrate the holiday season anywhere you want?

Happy individuals are 12% more productive if they work in an environment they love, which includes such basic things as snacks, drinks, good lightning, and jokes.

You can enjoy studies and work too.

Decorating your place will automatically motivate you and your peers to work hard as they will not feel like they are missing out. A colourful and vibrant space will cheer up all roommates and create a pleasant studying atmosphere. Christmas is all about being cosy and comfortable, so the holiday decor should reflect warmth and joy.

Below are the 12 ideas to make your place a whole lot cooler. If one is hard-pressed for ideas, here are some excellent decor tips for the upcoming Christmas.

1. Create a Christmas Tree

You can go the quirky way and design a tree using any building materials that you like. Books work very well because of their flat shape, and a college dorm must surely have tons of books lying around the room, right? Just put them into your very own Christmas tree. Some might also like handmade Christmas trees from candies, balloons, or whatnot college dorm supplies.

2. Do not Underestimate the Power of Snow

No, you do not have to carry snow into the dorm. Everyone can merely DIY. Crumple up some white sheets of paper and cover things to make them appear white and snow-laden. Another festive idea is to cut out snow angels and snowflakes to hang on the windows.

3. Create a Study Corner

Naturally, there is a need for some place to study. With comfy blankets and hot chocolate, your working area will become a peaceful corner where you will be able to concentrate if you feel the need for tranquillity. However, if you get completely overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays, experts providing academic help will lend you a hand.

4. Think Up a Theme

You’d be surprised at how many ideas people can volunteer if you ask for a theme. Whether it be based on a popular fantasy series like Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia, or whether it be a recreation of everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, the decor will bring a lot of happiness to your fellows.

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5. Light It Up

Having fairy lights all over the place will give it a sense of warmth and positivity. Christmas decor can have an unlimited amount of candles and lamps. Experiment with different kinds of lightning until you hit the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency.

6. Socks and Secret Santa

Having written down the initials of your roommates, put them in a hat. Now, organize a Secret Santa game so that nobody feels left out despite being separated from their families. In case you are struggling with choosing a cheap but personalized present, take a look at 52 gifts under $25. Besides, socks themselves are the ultimate symbol of winter holidays and happiness.

7. Embrace the Candies

Candy Cane is one of the most popular candy items during Christmas. The red and white stripes are iconic, which means that one cannot leave them out of their winter decor. Find wallpaper matching the pattern and decorate the room by cutting strips of it.

8. Do Not Forget a Santa Figurine

Christmas is never complete without Santa Claus making an appearance. It’s easy to discover a large number of shops selling huge Santa toys that can be placed anywhere from your room to public halls to remind everyone that the holiday season is here.

9. Add Flower / Paper Wreaths

To make any student household impeccable and sophisticated, one should think about arranging some flowy or paper wreaths. Go for white green, white, and red colors as they will match the snowy ambience of winter holidays.

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10. Make a Fake Fireplace

Who can celebrate Christmas without a roaring fireplace? If organizing an actual fire might seem too risky, you can fake it by drawing it on the wall and painting it realistically. In case your college dormitory does have space for an artificial fireplace, then do not hesitate to make it using the following instructions to create a fake fireplace.

11. Use Banners

Banners always look very festive. Back in the day, students used to make banners with wishes for Christmas and the holidays, and then hang these posters on the walls around the hostel. Multiple banners will make everything more colorful!

12. Change Everyday Curtains

You do not want boring curtains on your windows and doors during Christmas. Change the plain curtains for Christmas-themed fabrics that will make any room appear brighter and more colourful. You can choose a Christmas tree pattern or any other one related to Christmas.

Decorating your shared households based on these ideas should be very easy. Now you do not need to waste hours wondering what you should do. Once all the materials are gathered, it’s time to make your place look like it is ready to embrace Christmas.

If anyone feels enthusiastic, they may go for more. Hostels shouldn’t be boring and tepid. Spice things up and enjoy your holidays!


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