10 Reasons to Love Snow Cones in America

snow cones in rainbow colors

Snow cones or snowballs are among the most popular desserts in North America. Ever since the end of the nineteenth century when ice became mass-produced and commercially available after the Industrial Revolution.

The place that started the tradition was Baltimore. Where the kids loved to stop the ice wagons and ask for a small scraping. So their mothers soon started flavoring it.

One of the first tastes was custard egg, a favorite desert in Baltimore to this day. The oldest preserved written evidence of their popularity are the signs in theaters for the people to finish them before entering for the next act. When the Great Depression and WW2 enabled this dessert to become available out of Baltimore, it quickly became a national craze.

Snow cones remained one of the most popular refreshments in this part of the world for the next century and more.

Here are 10 reasons why Americans love snow cones:

  1. Snow Cones are Not Expensive

With the prices between $1.20 and $3.30 depending on the shape, style and flavor, they are almost universally affordable. No-one will empty their wallet completely by buying snow cones. So its really easy to buy and enjoy of a snow cone.

  1. Snow Cones Bring You Back to Childhood

If you can’t think of a better reason to do it, you should get snow cones simply for the sake of feeling nostalgic and going back to the time when everything was brighter and more carefree.

  1. Snow Cones Can Offer Something to Everyone Flavor-Wise

If you like cold refreshments but cannot find a particular ice cream to like, snow cones are your thing. There is virtually no flavor that is not (being) produced, so even the most notorious nitpickers can find a taste to enjoy.

  1. Snow Cones Can be Made More Healthy

With so many different snow cone recipes, they can be made less calorific. Some of the ideas are juice instead of syrup, lemon or lime for a dose of Vitamin C, green tea or coffee over an unflavored cone to reduce heart disease or cancer risks.

  1. Work of Art in Hawaii

Everyone who ever tried snow cones on Hawaii (or “shave ice” as they call it) agrees that they weren’t indifferent to them. A special way of preparation makes Hawaiian snow cones to be things of pure beauty.

  1. Don’t Cause Addiction

Beside so many things ruining their health and making them obese, Americans are simply glad to know that snow cones surely don’t trigger physical addiction. Of course, you should not exaggerate in using them, but it’s a relief that there are no harmful side effects.

  1. Snow Cones Can Burn Your Calories

As surprising as it sounds, ice really does burn calories. The burn is indeed slow, but it certainly occurs. Several fitness coaches confirm that consuming ice before meals can also reduce the portions and make you less hungry.

  1. You Can Relate them to Different Characters

There are flavors named after some of our favorite characters, like Charlie Brown, Batman or Sponge Bob. You can put a smile on the faces of your kids or friends by buying them one.

  1. It Can Help You Experience Exotic Cultures

In case you want to test some new, exotic cuisine, but are not sure how you will react to it, buy a snow cone with the taste inspired by that cuisine, and if you don’t like it, don’t waste your money.

  1. Snow Cones Can Bring People Together

People who have snow cone machines and can make them for themselves can make a lot of new friends due to the fact that almost everyone likes them, and for everyone, they are a memento of some times long gone and usually better. Reliving memories can form a strong bond between people.


Snow cones are made to be enjoyed, and you should start doing it as soon as possible. This also applies to non-Americans who can get in touch with this fantastic dessert.

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