10 of the Best Ideas for What to Do With an Extra Room

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Do you have an extra room but you aren’t sure what to do with it? Read this article to learn what to do with an extra room.

Figuring out what to do with an extra room is a fun, yet daunting task— especially when you want to do something out of the norm. Traditionally, most extra rooms were used as a guest room or second living room, but that idea is pretty mundane. If you’re looking for new ways to turn your spare space into something fresh and exciting, just keep reading.

1. Hobby Room

Sometimes is hard to find that spark for creativity because of your environment. However, one of the best spare room ideas is to create a hobby area. So if you are a musician, a painter, a writer, or whatever it is that you do, having a place to go to let your imagination flow is amazing.

The hobby room should be filled with whatever makes you feel happy, so if you need to paint the walls neon pink, do it!

2. Walk-in Closet

While you’re contemplating what to do with an extra room, think about turning it into a closet. If you are a person who has a closet that’s overflowing with shoes, clothes, and accessories; a spare room works wonders— especially if your current closet is small.

Sometimes, when you buy a place to stay, it doesn’t come with your dream closet. However, if you have an additional room, you can just create your own!

3. Playroom

If you have children, it can be quite a task to keep them occupied without making a mess throughout the entire house. However, if you have a designated place where they can run wild, it makes life much easier.

You can even get creative and fill it with slides or a small bouncing gym to make it more appealing. The more exciting the activities are in the room, the more your kids will want to play in there.

4. Man Cave/Woman Cave

When most people think about a man cave or a woman cave, they assume it has to be in a basement apartment or a very secluded area of the house; but, that’s not necessarily the case. If you’re brainstorming extra room ideas, consider turning the space into your own private cave.

Even if it’s just a small room, you can turn it into a private getaway that no one has permission to go into but you. Plus, if you have an extra room that’s in a secluded area of your house, that’s even better.

5. Library

You might not be as lucky as Belle and have a Beauty and the Beast style library, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design something really nice. Trying to figure out what to do with the spare room can be a little difficult if you have lots of space.

On the other hand, having an area where you can sit and read while you drinking coffee is fantastic—it’s a book lover’s dream!

6. A Bar Room

One of the coolest spare room ideas is to turn it into a bar. You can put a flat-screen TV on the wall and decorate it with a table and bar stools, and even has a sign displaying the name of the “bar”.

Also, if you enjoy drinking wine you can create a wine cellar themed room, or maybe a lounge with furniture to sit and have a cocktail.

7. Home Gym

Having a home gym is always a good idea because sometimes you won’t feel like going to a park or a workout facility to exercise. However, if you have your own personal workout room, it makes staying fit a lot easier. You can set it up with your favorite gym equipment or you could even install a TV to do video workouts.

Also, painting the walls and decorating the room to make it more inviting helps to make you feel more motivated too.

8. An Office

Creating an office space is one of the most brilliant second bedroom ideas, especially for people who live alone. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of visitors, it’s not necessary to turn your second room into guest quarters.

You might as well make it into something that will be most beneficial for you. Not to mention, if you live in a two-bedroom apartment, trying to set up a desk in the living room takes up too much space.

9. Nursery

You might not have to think too hard about what to do with an extra room if you are an expecting parent. Nurseries are necessary when a new baby comes home to live; they’ll need a quiet place to sleep and a room decorated specially for them. Plus as they get older, the room can be changed and redesigned to suit their liking.

10. Game Room

A game room is perfect for large families and people who like entertaining guests. When it’s the holidays, the game room can be used for sports lovers to watch the football game or an area for the teenagers to go and play video games. You can also add a pool table or a dartboard.

In addition to sprucing up the inside of your home, it’s also wise to make sure you take care of the exterior as well.

What to Do With an Extra Room: Your Humble Abode

Your home is the place where you should feel most comfortable, and it should fully express who you are. Not only that, but your homes needs to be set up in a way for you to have a good time without leaving the house.

Overall, your abode must be of enjoyment and not just a place to eat and sleep. When you’re deciding what to do with an extra room, think about the things that make you happy, and go from there. It’ll ensure that you get the most out of your living space.

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