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How To Style A Kitchen


No matter what your cooking skills are like, nor how often you enter this „room” of your home, it’s a sure thing: whatever the style of your home is, your kitchen should follow suit. Styling up your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to remodel it or spend a ton of ...

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How To Organize A Small Kitchen


So it seems that you are the proud owner of a small kitchen. You’ve tried so many things to put a comfortable feel into your petite cooking zone: the curtains played their part (see our kitchen curtain selection tips) and you applied all the tricks for making your small kitchen ...

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How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger


Everybody likes to have a good time in their kitchen. Even if you’re not a master at cooking, feeling nice and comfortable while preparing the meals is very important. And you can’t get that feel if your kitchen keeps a cluttered aspect, you can’t find anything you need, and everything ...

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How To Light A Kitchen


There’s no other room in our home that needs proper lighting than the kitchen. You need good light intensity when you cook, when you chop the vegetables, basically at all moments. Either you have kitchen curtains or not (you can find our selection here http://verycozyhome.com/curtains/), daylight can’t always help you ...

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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen


Everybody loves to have fresh fruits in the kitchen. It’s not only that you eat them, but they bring joy, color and a good energy every time you have them around. Unfortunately, along with fresh, ripe fruit come, sometime, pesky fruit flies that ruin not only the air in your ...

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen


We all love spending time in our kitchen. We simply love the cooking, the baking, the smells… even the cleaning doesn’t sound that bad when you come to think of it. What nobody likes though is… ants. Their place is outside or stealing Tom and Jerry’s picnic food :). There ...

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How To Feng-Shui Your Kitchen


When it comes to cooking nice, creative meals it’s a sure thing that you need to feel comfortable, nice and relaxed in your kitchen. You did choose nice colors for your cabinets, you even put nice memories on the walls and yet… something’s still missing from your cooking. It may ...

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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets


No matter how careful you are when cooking or how often you clean your kitchen, the cooking area, somehow (it’s like a „war” against you ), grease and oil still end up on your kitchen cabinets. It’s useful to know that the cabinets, as they are made, come with enough ...

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Tips For Choosing Curtains For Your Kitchen


OK, the kitchen may not be the most important room in the house. But you spend a lot of time (in theory) in here and the feeling that you get when cooking transpires into the quality of your food. And, we all know the best food gets made with love, ...

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